Monday, July 1, 2013

Writing Update - July 2013

So what can you expect in July?

Here's what I'm working on now:

1.  Bears in Bondage Book 3 & 4 - I know I took a little detour by jumping into the final Duke tale, but I wanted to wrap up that story and call it complete.  Bastian and Cole are the next on the agenda, trust me.  As soon as I finish this blog post, I will be returning to their world to get some more words in.  I've just started, so not far into it yet, but I do have the story plotted out and it's ready to go.

2.  Rafe's Wolf - I've already plotted and written the opening scene.  Rafe is screaming at me to forget Bastian and Cole and write his story, but I really do need to give B&C their due first.  Rafe won't wait long.

3.  Slave World 4 -- This will be the finale for Thomas and Valyr.  Can't wait to wrap this storyline up.

4.  The final Duke tale was actually supposed to happen in July but I got ahead of schedule.  Sooo ... I'm toying with the idea of writing another story for Natascha.  The first tale hadn't done all that well, so I didn't want to focus on a story no one seemed interested in reading.  But as the months go on, it's becoming the little engine that could and my blog post about His Milk Maid is getting a lot of hits on here, so seems people are looking for His Milk Maid 3 & 4.  I prefer writing m/m, so this story is a little harder for me, given that there isn't any m/m in the storyline.  But then again, perhaps her ex, Michael, and his new master need to run into her in a sex club somewhere and make it REALLY interesting.  Talk about fireworks.  Well, it is July.

5.  I'll also be looking at bringing The Duke's Plaything Complete Collection to print.  The Master's series hasn't done all that well in print, so perhaps it's just for me to put on my shelf. 

What's coming up later this summer?  The finale to the Bears series, the third in the Wolves series, a new short series which takes place in space--Planet X to be exact, and a new shifter series.  In the fall, I'll be introducing another Historical series, which will also have a paranormal vibe, go to the desert, and then maybe behind bars.

In other words, there is a lot more to come.  A LOT.  So, keep checking in to see about new releases.
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