Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writing Update - August 2013

August isn't here yet, but the book I'm currently working on most likely won't hit the sites until the first week of August at the earliest.  I figured I'd give everyone a head's up on what's coming next, in no particular order, except for the first one (Crash) which is the one I'm working on now.

Crash Landing is a new alien series.  It will be my first MMMM where all the men are the primary characters and not just secondary characters brought into the mix.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and all the emotions in that large a group.  A challenge, indeed, but one I'm up for.

A new futuristic short/novella is in the works.  I'm very excited about it and have already written most of the first chapter.  Once Crash Landing is done, it seems logical to finish it up, but I really want to get to work on...

Theo's Wolf, which will be a merging of Wolf and Cat shifters.  Theo is really screaming at me to get started, so I'll more than likely go there when I finish Crash.

And lastly, Bears in Bondage V & VI.  This will finish up the tale and wrap it up.  It will also be the last set of stories I do in serial form, as many readers have said they didn't like the format.

I also have another short alien series planned, and if time this month, I'll tackle that.  Since Crash will more than likely be written by the end of July, I hope to have enough time.
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