Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Victoria Vallo - Mastered & Mated

Welcome Victoria Vallo back as a guest today as she celebrates the release of the final book in her Captured by Space Pirates Series, Mastered & Mated.

When Salex returned, Jeremiah knew everything between them had changed. The time apart showed him how much he’d come to need Salex’s touch and how long he’d been denying his own darker desires. And now that Salex is offering Jeremiah a choice between exploring those desires at his side and going back to a more ordinary life, Jeremiah has to decide if he’s ready to give himself completely or settle for a life without the man who truly knows what he needs to be satisfied.

For weeks, everything had been going smoothly between Malar and Sebastian, in stark contrast to the struggles Salex and Jeremiah had been having. But when Malar asks for a surprisingly conventional commitment, Sebastian suddenly doubts his own feelings. Sebastian had submitted almost immediately, yet Malar’s possessiveness begins to smother him. Malar remains stubborn in his demands until he realizes it is pushing a wedge between him and Sebastian. He has to decide what means more to him, the commitment he’s demanding or Sebastian’s happiness.




Jeremiah woke up with Salex curled around him very tightly. The night before came rushing back to him. As he listened to Salex’s steady breathing, he considered what they’d said and done. Jeremiah didn’t regret any of it. Why should he? He’d had sex with someone he wanted to have sex with, and anyone who cared it was another male could fuck off. Of course, Salex had said he wanted to talk about things, and Jeremiah assumed Salex would insist on doing so today. Jeremiah knew his thoughts were still muddled, even if he had given in and submitted to Salex. His thoughts and feelings were far more complex than his physical desires, so he hoped Salex wouldn’t be impatient or become frustrated with him. Turning toward the side of the bed, he tried to wiggle free, only to be pulled in closer.

“You’re staying right here,” Salex said, pushing Jeremiah onto his back. “I slept too damn good with that sweet little ass rubbin’ against me.”

“So I’m still a prisoner even if I’m not tied down?” Jeremiah asked, licking his lips.

“You seem willing enough.” Salex kissed him deeply, surprising Jeremiah momentarily with the gentle yet still insistent embrace. Loosening his grip a bit, Salex added, “I thought I might return to find you gone. I actually thanked Malar for not letting you leave, but he said you’d stayed here willingly.”

There seemed to be a question hanging between them, as if Salex wanted confirmation. Jeremiah hesitated, and then he said, “Yes. I couldn’t leave Sebastian anyway, but I did want to see what you would do when you came back.”

“Would you still have submitted if I hadn’t changed?”

“That’s a hard question to answer.” And it was. While he’d missed Salex’s touch and the time alone had forced him to admit he preferred men to women, he’d only resolved to be more open, not to out and out submit completely. Yet what was last night, if not complete surrender? Salex’s touch had made him do that. “Being able to touch you was … it made it so different.”

Salex chuckled. “I never could have let you touch me at first. We’d have been fighting so much there would’ve been very little energy left for fucking.” Salex’s hand drifted down to Jeremiah’s cock, which was responding to the alien’s nearness. “Mmmm, missed waking up to a taste of this.”

“You said once that you don’t do that much. Giving head, I assumed. Said I should feel honored.”

“Did I?” Salex asked teasingly, stroking Jeremiah until he throbbed with need.

Jeremiah arched up repeatedly, fucking Salex’s fist. “Yes,” he whispered. “That’s what you said.”

“Guess you had me charmed from the start,” Salex said as he cupped Jeremiah’s balls. “I liked seeing how crazy it made you.”

“Didn’t make me crazy,” Jeremiah managed as he let out a sigh.

“Yes, it fucking did.” Salex moved to lick Jeremiah’s cock, teasing it all over with his tongue instead of sucking him.

Jeremiah moaned. “Have to keep … defying you … a little. Gets you so,” he gasped, “hot for me.” Even though part of him still couldn’t believe what he was doing, he felt so free saying these words and giving in. He tilted his head enough to watch Salex toying with him.

Salex licked his finger and then slid it into Jeremiah’s ass, the full length all at once. Jeremiah bucked off the bed, and when he settled Salex licked and sucked his balls. Jeremiah stroked his cock, moaning as Salex massaged his prostate.

“Gonna come,” Jeremiah cried.

Salex pushed Jeremiah’s hand away and took his cock back into his mouth. Salex sucked, swirling his tongue without mercy, and Jeremiah’s cum spilled forth. He pumped his hips up and held Salex’s head there, smiling to hear the big alien groan sexily, and then he jerked Salex up against him for a kiss. Jeremiah liked the taste of cum, and sampling his own from Salex’s mouth was intensely erotic. Salex responded eagerly, obviously aroused by Jeremiah’s action.

“Wanna taste you, too,” he said against Salex’s lips. “Fuck my mouth.”

Salex took control right away and pinned Jeremiah down. “I should have left you to your own thoughts sooner.” A rough kiss gave way to a tender nuzzle against his neck. “Hot little bitch.”

Jeremiah moaned and writhed against him. “Please.”

Salex laughed and repositioned himself, pinning Jeremiah’s arms to his sides as he straddled him. Salex stroked his cock and rubbed it against Jeremiah’s lips. Jeremiah opened his mouth right away, but Salex only teased him, letting the head play along the inside of Jeremiah’s lips. Jeremiah circled his tongue around the head and tried to lick the shaft. After Salex had pulled back for the third time, Jeremiah grabbed his ass and tried to pull him forward. Salex resisted for a moment, and then he plunged into Jeremiah’s mouth. The head hit the back of Jeremiah’s throat, but he was ready for it and only gagged for a moment.

Massaging Salex’s ass, Jeremiah began to bob back and forth. He looked up at Salex and let his fingers stray to the crack of Salex’s ass. Jeremiah massaged Salex’s anus as he sucked harder, and when Salex tangled his fingers into Jeremiah’s hair, Jeremiah penetrated.

Salex moaned as he looked down into Jeremiah’s eyes, pleasure blatant on his face. “I’m not delicate. Give me more, bitch. Make me shoot right down your throat.” He began forcing his cock farther down Jeremiah’s throat.
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