Friday, July 19, 2013

Rafe's Wolf is HERE!!

Rafe's Wolf, the second in the Wolves of Mt. Alexa Series, is now available at Amazon and All Romance E-books as well as Smashwords

Detective Rafe Riguerez is looking for a murderer after a ranger is found dead in a burned out cabin on the Mt. Alexa game preserve. All signs point to one suspect and when Rafe goes looking for his perp, he ends up bitten, naked, and hanging chained from the ceiling. He fits the unearthly pleasures he feels, swearing he’s been drugged to react the way he is.

Ty will do anything to protect his family. As pack leader, he’d lay down his life before he’d let an insider come and hurt one of his own. But when the intruder he catches on pack land ends up being a cop, looking for his brother’s mate, he’s torn on how to handle the situation. He ends up letting his animal instinct take over and thinks with his other head for a change.

When Rafe finally has the chance to get away, he runs as fast as he can, hoping to clear his mind. Yet he can’t stop thinking of the devilishly handsome werewolf and what that shifter did to his mind, body, and spirit—and has to decide if he will accept his place in that world.

Ty stalked a little closer to the human and saw the figure move up to one of Hank’s windows and rise to peek inside. That’s the last thing they needed, some busybody human checking them out. Ty couldn’t wait any longer. He pounced on the human, knocking him to the ground. Ty put all his weight on the man’s chest and growled menacingly down at him.

The human fought him, trying to push him off, but Ty’s strength was too much for the human to overcome. Ty snapped his jaws and growled. The human slowed his motions and became very, very still, and Ty scented fear. Ty usually ran humans off at this point, putting the fear of God in them.

But this case was different. This was his mate. The last thing he really wanted to do was scare the human off, but he didn’t have much choice.

Ty began to change back into his human form, unable to prevent the shift. Shock filled him as he completely lost control, his limbs losing fur and revealing skin before his eyes. He held on to the threads, trying to prevent it, but it was useless. Seconds later, he lay nude on top of the intruder, his hard cock pressing into the human’s stomach.

“What … the …” the human below him whispered.

“Who are you?” Ty asked gruffly, his head still spinning that he’d let the cat … er, wolf … out of the bag. There was no getting around it. He’d just opened the door to them all being outed, and he needed to do some serious damage control. His mind spun as he considered the alternatives, none of them sounding reasonable.

The human reached into his jacket, but Ty growled at him.

“Whoa, buddy. I’m just reaching in for my badge.”

His badge? Great, could this shit get any better? “Slowly, or I’ll bite your hand off.”

The man slowly dug into his jacket, coming out with a wallet. Ty tried to ignore the weight of the man’s stare, tried even harder to ignore the human’s hard-on growing between them. Did the human sense their connection? Hank said Remy had seemed to feel the pull, so perhaps this male knew innately what he was.

The cop flipped open the wallet to show a shining badge and ID. It was too dark to truly read any of it or confirm it was real, but from what Ty could see, it looked legit.

“What’re you doing on my land?” Ty asked, trying to control his raging erection. He wanted to rub it along the guy, marking the cop with his scent. He needed to talk and get his mind out of the gutter, before he embarrassed himself.

“I’m tracking a suspect in a murder investigation. I followed him and two other males here,” the human said.

Ty felt his stomach flip-flop. He scented the air around them, but didn’t smell any other humans close by. The guy wasn’t stupid enough to come up here alone without backup, was he? What a dumbass. The man needed a wakeup call before he got hurt, especially now that Ty knew what he was. “Who else is here with you?”

The cop’s eyes grew fractionally larger, and had Ty not had keen eyesight, he would’ve missed the obvious tell.

“I have backup a few meters down the lane. They’ll be here any second. It would be best if you got off me before this turned ugly.”
Ty chuckled deep in his throat, which threatened to turn into a lust-filled growl. “Liar. Nice try though. You shouldn’t be trespassing on my land, without a warrant or an invitation. And you made a huge mistake when you came alone.”

The cop’s eyes grew fractionally wider again. “Oh, it’s a mistake, hmm?”

Ty let his canines drop. “Yeah, a big mistake.”
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