Thursday, May 23, 2019

Recommended Reading Order for the Bear Mountain, Project Zed, and Midnight, Mississippi Books

Hi there! As many of you know, I began both Bear Mountain spinoff series midway through writing the twenty-three books* of Bear Mountain. 

Now that all three series are in Kindle Unlimited, there's been renewed interest in these series.

So here's a quick guide to which order I recommend them to be read in...

* * *

Bear Mountain Books 1-18

Beast, Project Zed, 1

Bear Mountain Books 19-20

Bearly Midnight, Midnight Mississippi, 1

Project Zed and Midnight books 1-4** aren’t linked... so either series can be read 1st/2nd

Bear Mountain Books 21-22 should be read AFTER the end of Project Zed

* * *

*Twenty-three books? Why do I only see twenty-two books for Bear Mountain?? Because Amazon doesn't like middle books and won't add them to series pages. Theirs by Bond is Bear Mountain Book 1.5 and it revisits Royce, Jared, and Carson from book one and expands on their story. And yes -- it's available in KU, too.

**The Midnight books also have one of those pesky 'in the middle books' that Amazon likes to hide. Theirs by Midnight is book 3.5. It is also in KU.


The Midnight, Mississippi series is NOT complete. Book 5 has been on my to-write list for far too long. I need to get my butt in gear and write it. The Omegaverse books stole my muse's attention... especially since there's at least 2-3 more books to write in that series. When they come, I'm going to recommend they be read after Bear Mountain Books 21 and 22, just in case.
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