Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May 2019 Writing Update -- AKA -- "No offense, but when THE FUCK is there going to be a new book??"

I know, I know...

I usually put books out at a fairly regular clip and here lately I've not been doing that.

I had some health issues and had to take a few weeks off writing to heal. It's still a process and I'm not 100%, but I'm getting there. And I have some good news... there are some new books coming.

Bad news... the muse wasn't ready to complete Wilder and Avery's story quite yet.

I WON'T force it. I've forced books before (recently, Bear Mountain 22) and it's painful to do and I'm never happy with the completed product. Wilder and Avery deserve better than that.

While doing a little brainstorming for Wilder and Avery's story, I realized there were a few questions about the drugs Avery is taking to conceal who he is. Where did they come from? How did he get them? What is the difference between Heat Repress and whatever it is he's on?

The answers to those questions led me toward a new path in my Omegaverse. Since the muse was dragging on Wilder and Avery's story, I turned my attention there. So, in other words -- there is a new novel based in the Omegaverse coming later this month -- One Wild Heat (Alphas of the Western Provinces, 1).

It's already done and in my editor's hands. Beta readers have given me the thumbs up -- so I think we're getting close. I hope to release it mid-May.

Now, a lot of you have commented that you really wish there had been more one on one time with Gray and Rohan at the end of His Surrogate Omega. I heard you. And you're getting what you asked for. I'm nearly done writing a Gray and Rohan short story that takes place when the twins are 15 months old.

It's slated for release late May!

I'm also a part of an upcoming promotion for Memorial Day! I'll be one of 20+ authors participating in the SUMMER HEAT MPREG Giveaway! More details on that will come closer to the end of the May!

Once that short story is completed, the plan is to get back to Wilder and Avery's story - His Reluctant Omega. The hope is to write THE END by June and get it out June/July -- but I have to let my muse lead the way. I want their story to be amazing and rival His Surrogate Omega as your favorite :)

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