Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New Release: UNEXPECTED HEAT: An MPREG Omegaverse Short

I heard so many say they wished they'd gotten to see more of Gray and Rohan from His Surrogate Omega... and I took those comments to heart. I decided to revisit these guys and tell a little more of their journey.


Gray and Rohan Parker have been through one hell of a year. A mating that started out with both life and death, they’ve held on tight to one another for months, just trying to survive. Needing some alone time, Rohan plans a lavish vacation to paradise for Gray’s next heat—the honeymoon they weren’t able to take. Now that their twins are fifteen-months, they hope to finally connect again and share an intimacy they haven’t been able to since the toddlers were made.

But a mix-up with the bags threatens their little piece of paradise and brings up old fears and buried emotions. They face up to the loss, the love, and their future together—and have to decide if they let nature take its course.

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