Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Omegaverse FAQ -- When/Where do these stories take place?

My Omegaverse... generating a LOT of questions.

*Omega Rights? Does One Wild Heat happen later than His Surrogate Omega?

*This seems a lot like our world today. Is it?

*McCreary? Motherf*cking McCreary??? What is a McCreary doing there? Is this a mistake? Are you messing with us? You said this is a non-shifter omegaverse? WHERE ARE MY BEARS?


Okay, I get it. You have questions. I will answer as many of them as possible without giving away spoilers for future books as possible.

Let's start with that first question...

My Omegaverse is a really big place. Basically, there are large provinces which are walled off. Inside these provinces, you might have a city, some suburban sprawl, and possibly some areas that are a bit less urban. Outside the province is a thick, heavy wall, manned by betas to keep the residents of NO MAN'S LAND out.

Each province has their own provincial government that sets the rules of law. Each has an alpha council and judiciary system.

Some provinces are conservative and give omegas few rights. Others are more progressive and offer omegas varying levels of freedoms.

So, long story short—One Wild Heat and His Surrogate Omega take place in the same time period. They simply take place in different provinces with different laws governing reproductive rights and omegas.

Okay, wait a minute... what the hell is NO MAN'S LAND?

No Man Land is the generic term for the areas outside the walls. These places are where the wild things live... those unwilling to be good alphas/betas/omegas and live under the same rules of society.  They tend to be a little wild, live under their own moral code (or lack thereof) and have been known to scale walls to steal omegas in the past. This happens less often in the current period, but occurred a lot back in the days of harems and warlords, in the eras following the Great Catastrophe.


I'm afraid I can't fully answer that yet.

Series wise, it's been eons since it occurred—long enough that the verbal histories that came after blur the line between reality and myth. They all know something terrible happened to their world, but they're not sure exactly what.

But as their world grows more progressive, the search for answers grows more intriguing.

Which leads back to the second question at the top.

No, this is not our world. It's very much like our world.

Finally, the last question... Quinn McCreary and family... is there a connection to my Bear Mountain series.


Maybe not.

All I can say is this... my two series are NON-SHIFTER OMEGAVERSE.

I guess you'll have to keep reading if you want the full answer...

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