Saturday, December 22, 2018

I just read HIS SURROGATE OMEGA now what the hell do I read next?

Also know as... Kelex has a ton of books and I have no idea where to start.


Let me explain something first...

His Surrogate Omega is quite different than most of my other books. (So far)

Maybe I should've considered creating a new pen name for HSO...  but I decided that book isn't so far away from things I've already written.

I mean, I have a couple of MPREG series already, just not any Omegaverse.

And meh, why not just say, look -- I want to move in a new direction and spread my wings a little? (There might also be a touch of 'the lazy' in there, too. I mean, starting from scratch with a new pen name takes time, effort, and I'd much rather devote all that to writing books, ya know?)

I started out writing short MM erotica in December 2012. Most of my books published in 2013-2015 were focused on sex. BDSM, Dub Con, Submission, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Shifters, Contemporary, Historical -- you name it, I likely wrote it. In other words, if you're looking for romance-driven books, my early stuff is likely not going to be your thing.

If erotica is your thing, then be my guest.

Starting in mid 2015, I started writing my Bear Mountain series, which A LOT of people love (and I love that people love it, it makes me deliriously happy).

But, I'm going to warn you... the first book? I was still in my sex-driven, quick story mode... it's not quite the story I wished it was now that I have hindsight, but what in this world ever is?

Yet, there was something about the world I hinted at in that first book that made me come back to it.

And readers did, too. It blew up in this fantastic kind of way and I just kept diving back in. As the series evolved, the world grew, as did the characters.

My writing went from fun, sexcapades to falling in love and having families and a community of shifters who fought together and occasionally one another, but ultimately, they all pretty much wanted to have a safe space away from the human world, protected from those who wouldn't understand creatures like them.

Sure, there's still some hot sex scenes in there, too. But the focus shifted to storytelling.

The series is currently (as I write this) at 21 books -- with 22 on the way (There is a book 1.5 that fleshes out the original triad's story a bit more, so technically there's 22 books and 23 on the way.)

The Bear Mountain series and its spin-offs are almost entirely ménage. And they contain MPREG... not all characters are pregnant in each book, sometimes it might be a secondary character, but it happens in this world.

Project Zed is a spin-off of Bear Mountain and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read at least through book 18 of Bear Mountain before reading Zed. I did the best I could to give updates at the beginning of each Zed book, in case a reader doesn't want to deal with 18 books in another series first, but to appreciate them fully, you need to know the world and the people involved. Yes, I know asking someone to invest in 18 other books is a lot, but the series really does grow and expand as you read, so...

Midnight, Mississippi is also a Bear Mountain spin-off, but it takes place in a different, magical city populated by shifters and vampires and witches and everything else that goes bump in the night. While the city is different, it is in the same world as the Bear Mountain series and some bears travel there on occasion. BUT... you do not need to have read the original series to read and enjoy the Midnight books.

My Sacrificed series is also heavily MPREG, though the first one is NOT.  None of them need to be read in ANY ORDER... as they're similar worlds with similar themes, but each story is different. Occasionally you might see a thread between them, but it's loose, at best. They're shorter reads, so if you only have a few hours, they're a fast, quick option.

Now here's the good news...

His Surrogate Omega is the first in a new series. I already have plans for books two and three, and potentially a fourth book in the series. It'll depend on the direction the next two take me.

AND... here's the bottom line.

I'm not going to lie, I started out writing what I thought the market wanted early in my career. But after a while, writing a bunch of loosely tied together sex got boring. I needed more and my books grew over the years, as I hopefully did as an author. Now I need more to keep me interested in writing a story.

His Surrogate Omega scared the hell out of me. I wasn't sure I was up to the task... I put it down several times and almost gave up at one point. I remember thinking -- this is just too damned hard. Eventually, I pushed through and I proved that I had it in me.

And if I can do it once, I can do it again. (Right? Dear gods I hope so... Avery is already screaming in my head.)

So, expect more books like this to come in the future. If you don't find something in my backlist that you love, just wait. I'll have something new for you soon and hopefully you'll enjoy :)

And for the fans of Bear Mountain and Midnight who've been with me all along... YES I will continue to write those stories, too. I still have every intention of getting to the Return to Bear Mountain series hopefully in 2019, too.

Lastly, for those of you who really dig my erotic stories, I DID make another pen name recently as many of you already know -- Xander Kane. Old habits die hard, so when the muse screams to write something quick and hot, that's the name I'll use from here on out.

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