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Bound to Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book One

Newly dumped Carson Davies decides the vacation he’d planned to take his girlfriend on—in hopes of fixing their troubled relationship—is the perfect getaway he needs to clear his head. A few days of solitude, hiking along picturesque Bear Mountain is just what he thinks he needs to move on. But as soon as he arrives, he’s shocked by the sensual reaction he has to the two owners. The two male owners. Carson has never been attracted to a man, and he fights the sensation tooth and nail.
Royce and Jared know their mate as soon as he walks in the door of the main lodge. They’re ready to claim what’s theirs, but know they need to be careful. The man sees himself as straight, but that’s the least of their problems. They’ll need to show him their true nature, their inner bear, and hope it doesn’t send the man packing.
The shifters have just three days before the human is scheduled to go home. In a short span, they’ve got to show Carson how bound they all are and hope they can seduce the man into surrendering.


Theirs by Bond

 Bear Mountain Book 1.5

Before the Book One Epilogue... get a peek into Carson, Royce, and Jared's early relationship... 

Without much thought, Carson gave up his life in the human world to move to Bear Mountain and live with his mates, Jared and Royce. The bond he experienced with his two bears had felt so powerful, that he’d plunged in headfirst, ready for a new adventure. 

As time has worn on, the potent insta-lust they felt in those first days fades some and the weight of a new, burgeoning romance falls on their shoulders. Adding in a new wrinkle, doubts form that threaten their chance at forever. 

They all soon discover that a relationship demands work on all sides. It will take commitment to propel them from the lust of their animal mating to the love they all sensed was possible from the start. 

Unless secrets tear them apart first.


Claimed by Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Two

Raised by bear shifters, Paul has always felt out of place. As a human, he’s not allowed to play a role in the shifter community he’s been surrounded by his entire life. When his job at Bear Mountain is jeopardized, he considers leaving the only home he’s ever known to seek out the thing that’s always felt missing in his life.

Betas Brynn and Tomas awaited their human mate for many years. When an orphaned infant showed up on their doorstep, they knew the male would one day grow to be their mate. Ignoring their protective instincts, they left the valley and the male behind, knowing they couldn't be in his life or they’d threaten the future they'd one day have together.

When the two bears finally return to find Paul a man, they know it’s time to claim what they’ve always known was theirs.


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An Omega for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Three

Asher McCreary not only has a terrible family name, but he’s an omega as well. After years of abuse by his wild family, he’s finally broken into too many pieces by a would-be pair of murderers. As he lays in his hospital bed, he finds champions in Graham and Airan, the Bear Mountain sheriff and doctor, both adamant they’ll protect him from the ones who fractured him. 

Graham found the omega bear battered and left for dead in the woods of Bear Mountain. Unable to ignore the mating scent, he’s shocked to learn he and Airan are bound to another bear, not the human they’d expected. 

Overcoming their odd match will be the least of their worries when Asher’s attacker comes after the trio full force, ready to destroy as many bears that get in his way to the head of the council table.


Promised to Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Four

Bear lays with human, not bear.

Or so the old bear law has always said. It was beaten into Declan and his brother bear, Ryder’s heads since they were small, just like every other cub in school. Yet when they find their mate, an omega, sneaking a dip in the mountain’s spring, Declan can’t ignore the need he feels, bear or not.

Ryder feels the same lusts, but he’s much more concerned about an omega being their mate. He knows claiming another bear could get them exiled. He stops Declan before things go too far, but even that isn’t enough to stop them from being sent off bear lands.

Gage knows his mates when he sees them, but also knows they can never be together. As an omega, he’s the lowest chaste in the bear world, an invisible slave to those above him. The fantasy is too scary to imagine, no matter how much his body yearns to be claimed by the two handsome males.

It’ll take the bear world to be flipped upside down for the three of them to find a way to be together.

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A Second Chance with Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Five

After Ben’s mates are murdered, Red and Quentin quickly move in to comfort the human. Their animal instinct drives them closer—because they realize Ben is now meant for them. They watch over and protect the broken man, allowing him to mourn and grieve for the love he lost, ever hopeful they’ll one day be able to claim what is theirs.

Ben eventually senses their connection, once the haze of despair begins to fade. Yet he cannot stop the guilt that causes from consuming him. He clings to the pain and memory of what was, instead of allowing himself to think of what could be.

When Ben attempts to leave Bear Mountain behind, his bears race to stop him. He knows he has nothing left to give them and demands they let him go. So Red and Quentin make him an offer—he can go if he agrees to one night in their arms.

Can he possibly leave after that?


A Stag for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Six

Someone’s been killing off deer shifters just across Bear Mountain’s county line, where the neighboring Indian reservation and the river meet. Most in the den agree that it looks like one of their own is to blame. Bear shifter Magnus joins with the rez’s sheriff to help find the culprit.

Magnus could’ve had an easier time of it if one deer shifter didn’t drive him to distraction. He knows his mate the minute he lays eyes on the male. Finding the male is bittersweet. It brings up memories of the brother bear Magnus lost years before.

Like many of his herd, Tobias is weary of the bear shifters across the river. He, too, senses the draw toward Magnus, but he tries to ignore the feelings. Deer shifters aren’t known for their monogamy or mating for life and he doesn’t see a reason to change his whole life for the bear.

When Toby is attacked, Magnus saves his mate just in time—and just in time to see the predator causing all the chaos.

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Redemption for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Seven

At seventeen, Gideon challenged the male who killed his fathers, not knowing he was selling his and his brother bear’s souls to the devil himself. Forced to kill, Gideon and Abram become the monsters they never wanted to be. Once they’re saved, they’re only forced into a brand new hell.

They both know there is no redemption for beasts like them.

Only when they find their mate, a male who’s seeking out the same devil who wronged them years before, can they hope for a future. Both Gideon and Abram know how easy it is to lose yourself to vengeance and they won’t allow Garren to go over the edge.

Can they save him and redeem themselves in the process?


Surrendering to Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Eight

Held hostage for over a year, Eric had been forced to play Tymber and Taryn’s sex slave against his will. When he was finally free, he wasn’t truly free. Pregnant with the terrible twosome’s cub, he couldn’t leave Bear Mountain until the beast inside him arrived.

Landon and Collier know their mate at first glance, and offer to give the human refuge in their cabin. They struggle knowing their male is filled with a babe, a babe that’s not theirs, but as they grow to love Eric, they know they’ll love the little piece of him regardless.

But Eric has other plans. Over the weeks with them, he senses the bond and revels in the safety of their home. He wants the two bears for himself, without the thing his captors forced on him under the same roof.

What will Landon and Collier do when the ultimate ultimatum is laid at their feet?

Trigger Warning: Prior to the start of the story, the rape of one of the main characters occurs. It is not shown, but the character does recall small memories during a brief scene near the beginning of the book.


A Beta for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Nine

All he’s wanted his entire life is freedom.

Freedom from the stigma of ignorance. Freedom from the life he’d been born into. Freedom from the vicious males raising him.

After the death of his fathers, Tyler thinks perhaps he’s finally found it, only to realize there’s no one to care for his four younger brothers.

Dmitri and Barron know Tyler is their mate, but the idea of taking in a family of five is daunting, to say the least. Add in the fact they’re the McCreary wild brats, and both of their heads are spinning. Yet they won’t abandon their mate or the cubs who need them.

Tyler doesn’t want to admit he needs their help. His pride gets in the way and gets them all in a dangerous situation. Can Dmitri and Barron help Tyler and the boys see their way back and become the family they all deserve?


Also!  Don't miss out on my POST about the McCreary Clan -- it might be the only way to keep up with that HUGE family of bears.

The post contains spoilers, so I don't recommend reading until you've read through book 8 at the very least.

A Sheriff for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Ten

Joshua Running Bear’s life is in turmoil. The thousand-year-old shaman no longer hears the voices of their ancestors, not after his successor is born. He’d expected to die when they no longer had need of him, so he’s surprised when he begins to grow younger by the day.

But not as surprised as he is when he finds a new mate—and a female bear shifter at that. The closer he tries to get, the more Hannah pushes him away. Not all is as it seems with the shebear, and he’ll soon learn the deep, dark secret she holds close.

Joshua also feels a pull to the reservation’s sheriff, Mattheu. Mattheu’s not his mate, but there’s something pushing them together. Only adding more craziness to Joshua’s life, a killer is on the hunt for Mattheu.

Can Joshua keep them safe long enough to claim them both?


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Finding His Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Eleven

After his brother was savagely beaten by their father, Jamie McCreary knows they can’t go back home. He, Colton, and Penn disappear one night, planning to eventually come back for his brothers. Life outside the bear world isn’t as easy as it looks, and it takes twelve years for the trio to finally find their way home.

On their way, they’re attacked while crossing through the reservation. Luckily, new Bear Mountain deputy Will Collins stumbles across the males and rushes them to the clinic—all while trying to ignore the deep-seated and confusing lust he feels for the eldest of the three.

Dr. Logan Sinclair doesn’t believe in brother bears or mates… but his beliefs are about to be tested when Jamie and Will run into his clinic. Can he let go of the past and embrace a new future before the alpha exiles three more McCrearys?


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Cherished by His Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Twelve

Colton McCreary’s return to Bear Mountain hasn’t gone as smoothly as planned. His damaged face has always caused people to stare, but for some reason, the looks are ten times worse coming from those at home—those who know the McCreary name for all the wrong reasons. His imperfection only adds to their distaste. He ends up hiding in the shadows as much as he can, watching life passing him by.

Brandon and Zander are offered a vacation in Bear Mountain to meet with the alpha. Brandon’s surgical skills have him courted by Declan and many in town with hopes the pair will move there and take over the new wing of the clinic. Upon arrival, they immediately see Colton and know he’s their third from their first glance.

Brandon’s ready to stay—Zander’s less sure Bear Mountain could be their home. Between less than welcoming bear shifters, werewolf attacks at the borders of the new wall, and the threat of war to come, Zander fears they need to get out while the getting’s good.

Will there be enough time for the three to find a way to come together before violence erupts?


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Mated to Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Thirteen

Game Warden Wade Travers is unwittingly pulled into the ongoing war between the werewolves and bear shifters when he’s called in by local rangers to investigate the slaughter of animals.  Chased behind the wall protecting Bear Mountain, he suddenly finds himself unable to leave—and unable to stop thinking about the bear who saved him from the wolves.

Exiled, Penn McCreary doesn’t live by rules.  He remains close to watch over his brothers and keep the younger boys safe from the threat just outside the farm.  That puts him in the right place at the right time.  Playing the hero isn’t Penn’s normal MO, but he can’t ignore his mate in danger.

Penn doesn’t take the answer no very well.  Wade will be his, by whatever means necessary.

Rules are all Staff Sergeant Malachi MacGregor knows.  When he arrives in the valley and comes face to face with the rule breaker and the human, sparks fly.  Will the grizzly shifter finally teach Penn a little discipline?


A Marine for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Fourteen

With the werewolf issue still hanging over their heads, Bear Mountain’s alpha has tapped ex-Marine, Captain Deacon Jaquobi to come up with a plan for the valley’s protection. Deacon comes, not so willingly—but upon arrival—he comes face to face with his fated mate.

Glenn Ashland is the valley’s grocer. A single father to two twenty-somethings, he’s lived the last sixteen years mourning the deaths of his mates. Until meeting Deacon, romance wasn’t even on his radar—but he can’t ignore the attraction he feels for the mysterious shifter. 

Deacon has to pull out a full-scale offensive to tempt Glenn closer, but a wrench is thrown into the mix when Deacon learns he has a second mate, Emmanuel. How can he hold on to a skittish Glenn and seduce an omega at the same time?

And then there’s the most important issue. Dragons are only supposed to get one chance at love in their immortal life… why is he getting two bears?

A Wolf for One Bear

 Bear Mountain Book Fifteen

Paul Ashland is the son of the town’s grocer and a gamma bear. Rare to the species, gammas are lost in the hierarchy and often treated as omegas. Bullied because of his birthright, Paul tries to stay quiet and not ruffle feathers in order to make his way through life.

When Master Sergeant Tristan LeCarre comes to town, feathers are bound to be ruffled. He shows up in the nick of time to stop an unfortunate incident, but not before the wolf shifter sets his sights on Paul.

Two betas have had their eye on Paul for years, and things turn ugly when Tristan gets in their way. 

Twisted E-Pub  *  Amazon  *  Smashwords * 

A Bear for Two Big Cats

 Bear Mountain Book Sixteen

Henry Ashland takes one look across the dinner table at two of the hottest males he’s ever seen and hatches a plan to dive head first into some outrageous trouble. After a late night race across Bear Mountain—one Henry might or might not have thrown—he has to offer up payment in the form of his body. At the end of a wild round of sex, Henry knows one night will never be enough with the lusty felines, but the ground rules had been set in stone before their little game commenced.

No strings, one night of fun. No more, no less.

Lion shifter Leo can’t get the bear out of his mind after their night together, no matter the rules. But their ménage has opened an old wound between him and his best friend, cheetah shifter, Speed—one that might never heal.

When Speed turns his back on Leo, telling the lion to move on without him, Leo has a choice to make—save a dying relationship or seek out a new one with Henry.

But Henry has ideas of his own. He’ll sacrifice his own chance at a happily ever after in the process.

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A Rhino for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Seventeen

Exiled, Jericho is forced from the only home he’s ever known. To make matters worse, his brother bear Pablo refuses to leave the valley… all because of the rhino mate Jericho has refused to accept. The anger consumes him… and that anger eventually feeds a brand of monster within.

Pablo was torn the day Jericho was exiled. Did he walk away from their mate or stand at the side of the male who rarely showed him any respect? The choice was harder than anyone would’ve imagined, and it weighs heavily on the bear shifter… so much so, that he can’t find the will to go after their mate, Bull, until he’s found a way to make amends for what he’s done.

  But fate steps in, putting Pablo into Bull’s path when he’s at his lowest. The dominant rhino commands Pablo’s attention and ultimately pits brother bear against brother bear. Is there a way Jericho can find his way back, or will Pablo and Bull have to find a new path without him?

A Homecoming for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Eighteen

While Killian and Finn loved the idea of being sent away to med school by their alpha, the idea of leaving their mate behind wasn’t ideal. Doubling up their course load whenever they could wasn’t getting them done fast enough. When Ronan shows up at their dorm one night, lustful and needing, they take what’s offered wholeheartedly.

After years of near misses, Ronan finally confronts Killian and Finn and demands their touch. Yet once it’s done, he struggles with his feelings. Hearing the words his vile fathers beat into his head doesn’t help, either. Unable to cope with what he’s done, he returns home to lick his wounds.

Torn between their duty to their alpha and their need for the mate they adore, Killian and Finn stay back to tie up their loose ends before they return home to build a life for them and their future family.

If they can convince Ronan to join them before their world explodes.

A Panther Comes Between Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Nineteen

Mikel McCreary has plans. He wants a lot out of life now that he’s been freed from the chains of his fathers. And he’s willing to work his ass off to make things happen. While working at the valley grocer, he signs up for firefighter training and is one of a handful of applicants who get in…

Preston Bellington is from one of the finest families in Bear Mountain, but he bucks tradition and becomes a civil servant, something his family can’t understand. Preston wants to give back to the community to be a part of the valley’s new direction under their alpha, and when he comes face to face with the male who’s his, he knows he’s been on the right path all along.

Boyd Marsters is a panther shifter and part of the group of soldiers Deacon brought to town. His skill as a mechanic keeps all the military vehicles moving and brings him face to face with the male who’s his. Making some roots in Bear Mountain sounds better and better as the days pass.

Preston and Boyd aren’t a part of Mikel’s plans, and he does everything in his power to make sure both males know that. Problem is, neither of them seem to be good listeners.

And both plan on claiming Mikel as their own.

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A Decision for One Bear

 Bear Mountain Book Twenty

Bear shifters Ari and Nikos are attacked in the middle of the night, only to be saved by a group of shifters and taken to find sanctuary in Bear Mountain. Neither of them can believe a place like it could exist—a world apart from the human one where they can be free to be who they are.

It almost feels too perfect, and cynic Ari struggles to accept that Bear Mountain could be home…
Until the pair finds their mate amongst the residents.

Omega Cotton doesn’t want to believe it. He loves Dillon and has set his sights on having the male for his own. While Dillon is away on an errand for the alpha, Ari and Nikos press their case, confusing Cotton’s already raw feelings.

  When Dillon hears the news that Cotton will be claimed, the bear loses his mind. Dillon lost his heart to Cotton, as well—but he knows the omega deserves happiness. How can Dillon ask Cotton to turn his back on his fate and choose him instead?

Twisted E-Pub  *  Amazon  *  Smashwords  *  iTunes  *  Barnes & Noble  

A Monster for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Twenty-One

Bear Mountain and Project Zed collide in the newest Bear Mountain title! A Monster for Two Bears picks up after the Project Zed series has been over for many months.

Sent away for their own safety, Kai and Lane have lived away from Bear Mountain for nearly a decade. Calls from home finally bring them back for an extended visit. Lane’s papa is ill… and Kai needs to confront the demons of his past—namely the death of his father, Gregor, and his brother’s part in it.

Declan is happy his younger brothers have finally come home and now is his chance to convince them to stay. Only it’s more difficult than he expected it to be. His brothers are happy with the new lives they’ve built for themselves and they don’t want to return to the valley.

Only Kai and Lane come face to face with a true reason to stay, a broken, battered male—one of the freed Zed victims who’s struggling to find his way in a new world.

Turi’s struggle for mental health makes him skittish at best. The instinct to surrender is at war with his own inner demons. He pushes Kai and Lane away, refusing to accept himself as worthy of love.

Will he push them all the way out of Bear Mountain—or can they help him find the peace he needs to heal before it’s too late? 

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Forbidden for Two Bears

 Bear Mountain Book Twenty-Two

Their need to protect him is greater than their need to claim… 

Life seems to have it out for Zachary Duchamps. He’s gone from foster home to foster home, until he works his ass off to get into the University of Chicago—hopeful to change his circumstances. But when a side job brings him face-to-face with the paranormal, he’s abducted and sold to the highest bidder. Finally able to escape years later, fate brings him from one nightmare to another. 

When the battered, exhausted human shows up at their door, bear shifters Chase and LJ rush to protect Zach from whatever demons are chasing him. They immediately scent the man is theirs, but after all he’s been through, they hold back the instinctual need roaring in their blood. 

Zach’s finally safe in Bear Mountain—but there are two shifters outside the walls, demanding they are the human’s mates and that he be returned to them. 

Can Chase and LJ—with the help of a whole community—keep Zach safe from harm and prove to him that not all shifters are monsters? 

And can Zach let go of his past and embrace his future? 

And MAYBE more to come....

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