Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 2018 Writing Update

A writing update! I haven't done one of these in forever...

So... you want to know what's going on?

After October's scary month-long writer's block, we finally got to A Monster for Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 21) in November. And yes, it was my only release, but it was a HUGE book and I can only push the muse by so much. (I might be biased, but it was also a damned good book, too)

I'm still feeling a bit out of sorts this month, I will admit. I'm still not at 100%. Writing takes a lot out of a person and I've been publishing books left and right for nearly six years. I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted...

Anywho... what's coming?


This is planned for release later in December (I hope -- if I can just get it all done! My editor is waiting semi-patiently and it's almost there...)

This will be the first book in my new non-shifter Omegaverse series.

I started this book months ago and had to sideline it when I realized I had the wrong MCs and needed to switch gears.

Don't worry, the other MCs I had been focusing on will be coming in book 2. It just wasn't time yet for their story.

Side note -- is that cover fucking gorgeous or what? Thanks to the wonderful Wander Aguiar, of course. His pictures are AMAZEBALLS.

This title will likely be the only one in December -- and just might end up being the longest book I've ever written.

I'd like to take off a little time to spend with family later in the month so I can recharge and get ready for a very busy 2019.

What? That's it? An update with one book?

Not exactly...

I'll give you a little peek into what's on deck so far in 2019

Bear Mountain Book 22 (title TBD)
This will be LJ and Chase's story hinted at the end of book 21

Fantasy Isle Series - 3 books written as Xander Kane
These will be reminiscent of the earlier erotica titles I used to write. The first will hopefully come in January/February

Midnight Mississippi Book 5 (title TBD)
No, I haven't forgotten about Midnight! I will be completing this series in 2019, hopefully -- as long as I can stay on track. I'm estimating 3-4 more books and it will come to an end.

Omegaverse Book 2

Dragons? IDK... maybe. A little bird has been chirping in my ear, begging for the final Earth Dragon book and more. I'm mulling, but no promises.

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