Sunday, December 16, 2018

Monday Mancraving News

By now, most of you have heard about Tumblr, their new adult content policies, and the mass exodus of many adult content creators from the platform.

Why do I bring that up on Blogger?

Many of my Monday Mancraving posts were made using Tumblr gifs -- so I'm quite sure that many of them will disappear sometime after Dec 17th.

For safety reasons, I linked the gifs, versus saving them on my computer and uploading--and potentially getting something unsafe.

So... I'll have to reconsider my Monday Mancraving posts from here on out and likely will avoid gifs in the future. For those of you who liked them, I'm sorry, but unfortunately, I can't control Tumblr or it's policies. And I don't like the idea of saving them to my computer and opening it up to viruses.

I hate that we're losing the Tumblr of old. I loved the ability to explore, share, and often, find muses for my stories. I'm pissed at this change and Tumblr is being lazy with this decision.



I just went and took a look around -- there were a ton of broken links, so I went through and deleted as many as I could find. There might still be a few floating around. So, the library is much depleted now :(
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