Friday, July 22, 2016

Taking Some Time Off

Hi All --

I just left my doctor's office this afternoon and the news wasn't the best.  No sob story to share here, just I've got some things going on that aren't life threatening -- but could be if I don't take a moment to breathe and relax a little.

I've already been through a battery of tests and at this stage have at least four more in the near future before we can get started on treatment and getting me back to normal.

My blood pressure is through the roof and because of it, I can't take another medicine I desperately need -- because it can elevate blood pressure and cause a stroke if you're not careful.

Soooo... I'm going to take some time off.  No writing.  No promotion.  No social media posts (unless I've already made them and scheduled them)

Hungry for His Wolf (Bloodlines, 4) is being pushed back to a release date of 8/10/2016 to give me a little time to relax and hopefully de-stress.

Thanks for understanding!
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