Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Coming Soon to Bear Mountain

Mated to Two Bears, Bear Mountain 13 releases tomorrow -- and then I was coming to Ronan's story in book 14 next...

And then I thought that was where Bear Mountain was going to end.

I absolutely ADORE this series and have had so much fun writing it.  I've enjoyed the readers who've been along for this journey and said, if I could find a way to extend the story NATURALLY, I would.

But who wants to read a series that is just beaten and tired?  I wouldn't, so the hell if I'd deliver books to you guys I wouldn't want to read.

No new ideas were coming, so I really felt like the series was coming to a natural end with Ronan.

Mated to Two Bears went off script along the way.  It changed dramatically from the loose outline I'd written and ended up in a spot I hadn't imagined.  I really like where it headed.  Sometimes those tangents can be evil and lead you to a brick wall and I almost thought this one had at one point until I realized a timeline adjustment and the moving of many (many *sob*) chapters around would fix it all.

I was very happy with the final product.

Then, someone read an ARC (an advance reading copy) of Mated to Two Bears and asked a question about a mini plot hole I'd left dangling.

Oh no!  A mini-plot hole?  The fuckery of it all!

And then an answer slammed into my head that was so easy a fix and so right for the series and so, so very exciting for me as a writer.

The way I plugged that hole -- it opens the door for a whole new bunch of shifters to come to Bear Mountain... new potential obstacles... new potential villains... 

I can't say too much about the new idea without giving away a little bit of spoilage AND because the ideas are still fresh in my mind and in need of fleshing out.

For those of you about to read Mated to Two Bears, you'll get a hint of the new idea when you get near the end.  

I'm EXCITED by this turn and love that it just feels right to the series.  It keeps things fresh and new and interesting...  without beating a dead horse.

I can't say for certain how many books this will add to the series, but I am comfortable suggesting there could be upwards of at least three to four more on top of the original fourteen planned.

The only issue I have is this... these stories might bump Ronan's back.  But since his mates are off at med school, perhaps that fits, too -- but at the same time, I'm kind of ready for Ronan's HEA to happen and wrap up the McCreary stories.

So Ronan might NOT be book 14 after all.

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