Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Mated to Two Bears (Bear Mountain, 13)

Game Warden Wade Travers is unwittingly pulled into the ongoing war between the werewolves and bear shifters when he’s called in by local rangers to investigate the slaughter of animals. Chased behind the wall protecting Bear Mountain, he suddenly finds himself unable to leave—and unable to stop thinking about the bear who saved him from the wolves.

Exiled, Penn McCreary doesn’t live by rules. He remains close to watch over his brothers and keep the younger boys safe from the threat just outside the farm. That puts him in the right place at the right time. Playing the hero isn’t Penn’s normal MO, but he can’t ignore his mate in danger.

Penn doesn’t take the answer no very well. Wade will be his, by whatever means necessary.

Rules are all Staff Sergeant Malachi MacGregor knows. When he arrives in the valley and comes face to face with the rule breaker and the human, sparks fly. Will the grizzly shifter finally teach Penn a little discipline?


Jared turned to leave. Finally.
Before Jared climbed back into his ATV they’d used to get to the cabin, he paused and scented the air.
“I can smell you, Penn,” Jared said into the wind. “Leave him be. He’s still in shock.”
Penn didn’t answer. He couldn’t. There was no way he’d listen to Jared’s advice. Wade needed him as much as Penn needed the human. There was no way Penn was going to let the warden be alone right now.
Jared hovered nearby, not leaving. Finally he seemed to give up and climbed back into the ATV and headed back down to the base of the mountain. Once Penn heard the engine’s sound fading away, he shifted and emerged from the tall pines that had hidden him.
He stood under the full moon and stared at the cabin. His body pulsed with life, his cock rock hard and ready to claim his human.
Penn walked across the small green space before the cabin and climbed the handful of stairs to the narrow porch. A breeze blew past, propelling the two whitewashed rocking chairs into motion. Penn lifted his hand to the door. Before he could knock, it swept open.
Wade stood there.
Penn closed the gap between them and dragged the human into his arms. Their mouths clashed as Penn let go of his control. He felt the bear within nipping at his heels, prodding him to claim the man as his. He swept his tongue into Wade’s welcoming mouth, tasting. He delved deeper, feeding from the man’s lips as he clutched Wade ever closer.
Their bodies melted into one. Flesh met flesh. After urging Wade deeper into the cabin, Penn kicked the door shut, sealing them inside the cabin.
He splayed his palms out, trying to touch every inch of bare skin he could reach. Penn’s mind spun, a whirlwind of need, yearning, and the desire to connect to another in a way he’d thought impossible.
Penn could feel the brush of Wade’s hard shaft against his leg, and was thankful to sense the need coming off the human in waves. Wade was as lost to the lust as Penn was.
He backed the man up to the large bed dominating the room, continuing to devour Wade’s mouth. Wade’s fingers caressed him, fingertips digging into Penn’s flesh. The touches bordered on painful, the pleasure lingering within. Penn gripped Wade’s hips, rolling his hips against the man’s pelvis.
Letting Wade feel his need.
Wade tore his lips from Penn’s. “How do we do this?”

Penn drew back and stared down at the human. “My cock… your cock… they fill holes.”
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