Sunday, July 10, 2016

Guest Author - Yuki Edo and Special Delivery

Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog!  She's here today to share a piece of her latest release, Spacial Delivery, the second installment of the Sakura Towers series.

Welcome to Sakura Towers, where fantasies come to life.
Ryu has been delivering packages to Ichiro for months now, and he’s finally worked up the courage to flirt more openly with the warm and friendly older man. A chance meeting escalates their relationship, and soon Ryu is living out his fantasies of having Ichiro in his arms.

They come from different backgrounds, and their schedules are often in conflict. Ryu worries about these issues, though Ichiro shrugs them off. Can they turn this relationship into more than just sex, or will it only be a short-lived fantasy? 


Ichiro kept glancing at his phone toward the end of the workday. He’d signed up to receive text alerts on all of his recent orders so he didn’t miss any of them. He felt a little silly since Ryu almost always arrived at least an hour after he’d gotten home for the day. Ichiro wondered about that. He’d been at the end of Ryu’s route when he was in his other apartment, but wasn’t it the same route? Had it changed recently? Or did Ryu purposely leave him until last? He shook his head and laughed at himself.
You’ve been reading too many manga. He told himself not to jump to any conclusions. Yes, he was making extra effort to be home because his last two conversations with Ryu had given him hope the handsome younger man might be interested in him. But he didn’t need to get his hopes up. He couldn’t exactly prove that Ryu was making any special efforts, could he? Not unless he came right out and asked. And he’d likely make a complete fool of himself if he did.
Of course, there was also the chance that asking the question would spur Ryu to action. Just imagining Ryu pushing him into his penthouse and pinning him to the nearest wall made Ichiro anxious to be home. He adjusted his pants under his desk, glad he’d closed his door. He’d jerked off in the shower two nights ago after seeing Ryu in the coffee shop. If this were a manga, wouldn’t that be fate at work? He liked to think so even as he chastised himself for viewing the real world that way. That chance encounter could have been the universe making up for keeping them apart earlier in the day.
He laughed at himself again and got back to work, scheduling meetings and returning phone calls. He left a few minutes early, again checking his phone repeatedly. His new coffee table showed a status of being “out for delivery”, meaning Ryu was driving it around that very moment. He drove a little faster than usual, and he swung into his parking space under Sakura Towers in record time. He made his way upstairs quickly and only gave nodding acknowledgments to those he passed. He kept his phone in his hand, trying to look as busy as possible so no one would stop him. Several current and former colleagues lived in the building, and he didn’t want to get trapped in a conversation.
He kept an eye on his phone as he freshened up and then cleaned up the main room a little bit. As he ran a lint brush over the couch, he imagined himself lying on it with Ryu on top of him. If something sparked between them, how long might it last? Ryu had to be at least a decade younger than Ichiro was, so he might not be ready to settle down yet. At least Ichiro now knew he liked men and wasn’t ashamed of it. If he’d lived with a boyfriend before, then he wouldn’t want to hide what was happening between them. Ichiro paused and straightened up. Unless their age difference would matter—would Ryu only be interested in a physical relationship? Would he think Ichiro only wanted sex? Ichiro’s last serious relationship had ended because they’d wanted different things and hadn’t communicated properly. He didn’t want to overthink this, but he couldn’t deny the facts. They were in different places in life. Anything beyond sex would take a lot of work.
The intercom buzzed, and Ichiro practically dove for it. “Yes?”
“It’s Ryu.”
“Great. Come on up.” He hit the button to allow Ryu access to the penthouse elevator, and then he had to stand there and wait. He tapped his foot and then told himself to stop it. Why couldn’t he go back to being as cool and collected as he’d been before? Seeing Ryu had always been a pleasure, but he’d never been nervous like this.
But that had been before the flirting. Before the look they’d exchanged in the coffee shop. Before Ichiro had touched himself as he imagined Ryu fucking him.

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