Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NEW RELEASE: His Wolven Warrior, Bloodlines 3

Born a mixed blood amongst the strict Hokkaido, Takeo has always been seen as an outcast. The shadow warrior has remained on the fringes, called on from time to time to do the jobs no one else would do. When he’s commanded to New York City to steal a token item from an Eastern Gray Wolf, he begrudgingly goes as bidden.

Once he arrives, he’s tempted by his mark’s twin brother. Losing focus, he’s almost caught somewhere he does not belong and hides—leading him to unwittingly play voyeur. Unable to get the male out of his mind after, he struggles with the desire beating in his heart.

Tanner McManus has a fresh face in his bed nearly every night. When he meets a sexy, mysterious male who nearly demands to be taken to that bed, Tanner willingly obliges—and has a night neither can forget. For once Tanner wants more than one night, and it ends up being with someone he shouldn’t want.

When Tanner is charged with murder—it’s up to Takeo to prove Tanner is innocent. That is, if Tanner’s willing to look past who Takeo is long enough to help him find the truth.

And maybe find themselves with each other. 


“Have a drink with me,” the human cooed.
Tanner lifted his glass. “I have a drink.”
“I don’t,” the human said seductively, rubbing his body against Tanner’s as he pressed his tongue inside Tanner’s ear.
This was one of the problems with one-night stands. They occasionally came back and got in the way of things. Tonight was not the night for that.
“The bar is right over there,” Tanner answered, wiping the man’s saliva from his ear. “Go grab yourself something to drink if you’re thirsty.”
Lust filled the human’s face. “I’m incredibly thirsty.”
“I’m not,” Tanner said, pinning the man with a glance.
A hint of understanding crossed the human’s face, but then it was gone and a lusty smile returned to his lips.
“I’ll go get myself that drink.”
Tanner watched the man leave before moving to his table. He didn’t want to be in the same spot if the human made another attempt. Tanner searched the club, his strong eyesight still not picking up the man he was looking for. It didn’t take long for the human he’d been avoiding to find Tanner and slip into the half-booth.
“There you are,” the human said, grinning. The man rubbed the side of his body against Tanner’s. “So where were we?”
“You’re in my seat.”
Tanner glanced up and saw his friend from downstairs leaning over the edge of the table, glaring at the man beside him. A smile played over Tanner’s lips as the man beside him stiffened.
“Excuse me?” the human said indignantly.
“You’re. In. My. Seat.”
The man beside him turned to Tanner.
“You’re in his seat,” Tanner parroted, slightly amused.
The human slid out, anger crossing his face. “Asshole.”
Tanner’s new companion slid into the newly vacant spot and glared up at the man. “Goodnight.” He turned to Tanner, one eyebrow lifted, as if Tanner should feel ashamed for having another at his table. A chuckle rumbled through him at the hint of jealousy coming from the man.
“Hello,” Tanner purred against the man’s ear. He drew in a breath… and froze.
The man had no scent.
That was impossible. A frown crossed Tanner’s face. He drew in another breath as he brushed his lips along the man’s neck.
Red flags went up, yet it didn’t stop his intrigue. If anything, it only made Tanner all the more curious. Curious, but cautious, too. The man was hot as hell, and Tanner couldn’t pull away.
Yet it wouldn’t stop him from reacting if and when the time came.
“What’s your name?” Tanner asked against the man’s ear.
“Tak-e-o,” the man said, stretching out the syllables, his warm voice spreading across Tanner’s body like the bourbon he’d been nursing.
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