Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guest Author: April Andrews and Melt for the Millionaire

Welcome April Andrews back to my blog.  She's here today to share a bit of her recent release, Melt for the Millionaire.

A year ago Cae Larkin had the world at his feet. A successful model for some of the biggest brands in the world, nothing seemed out of his reach. But one mistake cost Cae dearly and he lost everything as quickly as he gained it.

Now, with his bank balance approaching zero, and the threat of eviction looming, Cae needs money and he needs it fast. But, there’s only one person who can help him…and it’s someone that Cae rejected a very long time ago. Someone who, if he wants to get back on top, he will not be able to reject again…


Nicholas couldn’t quite believe that Cae was in his bedroom. He had fantasized so many times about this exact scenario and now that it was actually here, he didn’t quite know what to do.

He stood at the door, watching as Cae explored the space where, if Nicholas had his way, Cae would be spending a significant portion of his time. He looked over the bed, touched the soft sheets on it, walked across to the windows, ran his finger across the potted plants growing there. His gaze travelled to the walk in wardrobe, across to the en-suite, and then finally circled back around to Nicholas.

He was still wearing the jeans and sweater Nicholas had met him in and he looked achingly beautiful. Nicholas couldn’t wait to hold him in his arms and do all of the things that he had imagined for so long. And yet, he was nervous, ridiculously so. Eighteen long months of waiting for the male that you craved would do that to you he guessed.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

Cae shrugged one lean shoulder before shooting a quick look at the bed. “I’m nervous,” he said.

“Of me?” Nicholas asked.

“A little,” Cae admitted. “But also of what we’re going to do.”

“And what are we going to do?” Nicholas asked.

Cae bit down on his bottom lip. It was so plump. How many billboards had those lips been on? Parted on a soft sigh? Making females, and males too for that matter, sigh also.

“You said that we’re going to...”


He bit harder. “Yes.”

“Then come here,” Nicholas demanded. “And I can promise that those nerves will be gone before you know it.”

Cae walked over to him—his steps hesitant. Nicholas pulled him into his arms the moment he was in reach. And then, he did the thing that he had waited so very long to do. He bent his head and he kissed Cae.

It was their first kiss.

Their very first.

And it was worth the wait in every possible way. Cae’s soft lips opened beneath Nicholas, they tasted of mint and of sweetness, and Nicholas plundered them completely. He kissed and he kissed, his lips moving in a constant rhythm, and before long his head was spinning and his cock straining against his pants.

“What you do to me,” he whispered. 

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