Sunday, June 5, 2016

Guest Author: Misha Paige and Dragon Marked

Welcome Misha Paige back to my blog as she shares a bit of  her recent release Dragon Marked, the third book from her Kindled by Fate series.

As he watches over the sleeping dragon, Bane wonders why he is strongly drawn to Jaden. Vivid dreams confuse him even more as he aches to see the dragon break free of the spell he is trapped by. When Jaden is finally liberated, and Bane realizes that they are mates, he vows to stay by Jaden’s side. But he fears the repercussions of a witchborn with a dark past being mated to the High Priest of Drakos.

Jaden arises from the spell, healthy but no longer whole. While he is determined to stay strong, he wonders what good is he. Somehow he will have to prove to his clutch and more importantly, to himself, that he is still worthy of being the chosen of Drakos.

Yet the hardest battle he will face may be the fight for his own mate’s heart, for while Bane has given Jaden his loyalty and commitment, he may never give his heart. How can a man who has never known love recognize it, even when it stands before him?


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Strong arms came around me as I snuggled against the hard body behind me. His heat spread a soft glow through me as I turned in his arms so I could look up into his dark gaze.
His handsome, chiseled features took my breath away as he smiled down at me.

“Am I dreaming again?”

Jaden’s husky voice answered me. “If so, it is a good dream, is it not?”

I stroked my hand over his cheek, smiling as he nuzzled it. “Yes, it is.” I had lost count of how many times he had come to me like this.

Since this was not real I could indulge myself. I threaded my fingers through his chestnut waves, the hair thick and silky against my skin. “Will you ever wake to the real world?”

“When it is time,”he said on a moan as I pressed against him tighter.

“Why has it taken so long?” I asked. “The healing sleep should have ended long ago.”

“It takes as long as it takes,” Jaden said enigmatically, but his gaze softened on my tightened lips and he seemed to relent. “Galen saved me when he cast a stasis spell on me, but it affected how the healing potion worked. And I was so weakened that I am caught for the moment, but I will eventually be strong enough to break free.”

I ducked my head only for him to lift my chin in his hand.

“Bane, why are you upset?”

“Because I wish that this was real so I know you will come back.” I felt the dampness in my eyes escape as a tear trailed down my cheek.

“Why do you think that this is not real?”

“It is only a dream.” I looked up at him, confused. “Why do I dream of you? Why do I haunt your room, praying to see you open your eyes?”

Jaden stared down at me, intense emotions stirring in his gaze. “Why do you think you feel that way?”

Frustration filled me, but I dared not pull away from him. I could feel the edges of the dream becoming ragged, and I tried to cling to him tighter. “I only spoke to you a few times, for barely more than a moment on each occasion, yet you consume my dreams.” I could feel him diminishing in my grasp. “No! I want to stay!”

“Soon, precious one. I am growing in strength every day.” Jaden’s words were patient yet his hands tightened on me, holding me with a desperation that matched mine as he faded. “And there is one thing you have not considered about the dreams.”

“What?” I stood clasping empty air as his final words reached me.

“That it is me, dreaming of you.”
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