Sunday, April 5, 2015

GUEST POST: Yuki Edo brings us Trickster

Welcome Yuki Edo back to my blog -- she brings the third installment of her yaoi-inspired Nine Tails series today.

Kenjin has spent years writing gay erotica under a pen name to keep his desires in check, but he can’t stand hiding any longer. After telling his publisher, Hatori, Kenjin feels as if everything will work out in the end. One day, he’ll share everything with his family and friends. But then he finds out Hatori has been deceiving him for years. He’s hurt, yet he can’t fight the pull he feels from Hatori. And he already has a plan for exacting a very sensual revenge, straight from the pages of his own erotic fantasies…

Warning: This 32,000 word yaoi-inspired erotic story contains gay sexual situations, bondage, spanking, and other adult scenarios which might be offensive to some readers. This story is intended for mature readers.

Kenjin stood in the kitchen and took slow sips of pomegranate juice. He hadn’t actually been very hungry, but he’d eaten an apple, chewing each bite slowly. Hatori submitted beautifully and seemed to only care about giving Kenjin pleasure.
But can I believe him? Is it another trick? Kenjin surprised himself when he realized he wanted to believe that Hatori actually loved him. The submissive man tied in the other room intrigued Kenjin, all the while complicating the situation. Kenjin didn’t want to admit he was nervous about fucking a guy for the first time, but there was no way to deny he was. He knew theory and technique, but he’d never tried anal sex with his female partners. Instinct would only take him so far. He longed to spread Hatori’s cheeks and surge into him.
And with me, you can be as rough as you like. Kenjin bit his bottom lip as he remembered those words. Hatori was a man. He was smaller and thinner, but he didn’t seem averse to abuse and rough treatment. Also, he was a supernatural being. He might have amazing stamina. Kenjin put his glass down and returned to the bedroom, the sight that greeted him taking his breath away.
Hatori knelt in exactly the same position, his ass lifted high. His cock was still hard, his balls dark and the skin shining from how tight it was pulled. His eyes opened after a moment, and he arched a bit. Kenjin could see the dildo move a little, and he wondered what it felt like to be impaled for so long. He glanced at the clock, estimating he’d been gone about twenty minutes.
“You look handsome like this,” Kenjin said, meaning it. He no longer thought of Hatori as odd or strange looking. Need shone in his green eyes, and his tousled hair fell around his face in a surprisingly tantalizing way. Kenjin took off the robe he’d put on and threw it aside. “Are you enchanting me?”
“No. I want the real thing.” He pressed his lips together. “Though that’s a poor choice of words.”
“Yes, it is.” Kenjin walked over and smacked Hatori on the ass, watching his reaction closely.
Hatori sucked in a breath and then sighed.
“You like that?” Kenjin swatted the other cheek.
“Yes, sir.”
Kenjin sucked on his lower lip and let another blow fall. He loved the way Hatori said those two words. He never wanted this cunning fox to control or manipulate him ever again. “It’s time to finish reenacting our scene. I remember you praising the final version.”
“Yes, please.”
Kenjin got on the bed and took hold of the dildo. He slid it in and out slowly to tease Hatori, and then he got off the bed again. He retrieved the dildo gag and walked back over to Hatori, who watched his every move. Many of the gags had been larger, but he’d chosen a three inch one to be safe. He wanted to make Hatori squirm, not actually cause him pain.
“You ready for this?” Kenjin asked, pushing Hatori’s hair out of the way.
Hatori looked into his eyes and nodded. Kenjin maintained the eye contact and slid the rubber cock into Hatori’s mouth and secured the gag behind his head, making sure not to snag any hair. Kenjin ran his thumb back and forth over the smooth leather of the gag, pushing the cock a little deeper.
“Maybe it would be safest to keep you this way.” Before he knew what he was doing, he leaned in and kissed the gag.
Hatori gasped, and Kenjin realized it was because they hadn’t actually kissed yet. He turned away and grabbed the lube before climbing back onto the bed. Hatori’s ass cheeks were pink from Kenjin’s blows, and Kenjin massaged the flesh there. But then he stopped. They were acting out a scene, and he needed to refocus.
Pulling the dildo out of Hatori’s cock proved very erotic, and Kenjin’s erection had fully returned by the time he squirted lube into his hand. He slid two slicked fingers into Hatori, searching for his prostate so he’d have some idea of where to aim for. His other hand shook a bit, but he told himself to stop worrying.
He’s going to love every moment, no matter what I do to him. Kenjin lifted up, feeling more confident. He spread Hatori’s cheeks, watching his hole gape in anticipation of being filled. He pushed in, meeting a little resistance at first. But then the tight, slick warmth engulfed him.
“Fuck, that’s good,” Kenjin whispered. He took hold of Hatori’s cheeks and moved in and out. When Hatori began to moan, Kenjin reached down and touched his cock. Their bodies pressed close, and Hatori moaned even louder as Kenjin toyed with his cock, which was leaking pre-cum and throbbing in Kenjin’s hand.

Kenjin pushed all the way in. “Sounds like you’re loving this,” he whispered, his hands again caressing Hatori’s ass. He’d always imagined his betas as cute and willing and needful, his alphas harsh and brutal. Yet there was always an emotional connection at this moment. Kenjin slowed a bit, no longer wanting to think about his books.
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