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GUEST AUTHOR - Maggie Walsh's The Beast Within

Welcome guest author Maggie Walsh as she shares some info about her recent release, The Beast Within.

Eighteen year old Sky Taylor, the love of his life Mitch, and brother Ben want nothing more than to land a record contract. When a record exec offers only Sky a contract, he betrays them and ends up losing them.

Seven years later, Sky is the lead singer of the hottest all-gay Glamrock band around. Ghost Heart is the biggest guitarist in the world and has just become available. He is the hottest thing Sky has ever seen, but he’s straight.

The sexual tension between Sky and Ghost ignites, until Sky sees a memorial tattoo on Ghost’s back with the name of his first love, Mitch, on it.

Sky fights to find way past the guilt he feels over what he did to Mitch all those years ago, so that he can move forward and finally find some happiness. He hopes that happiness comes with Ghost. But Ghost doesn’t believe in relationships, or love.

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“So, whoever heard of a body shot?” Joe slurred.

 “I have,” Ghost answered.

 “Well there’s no shocker,” Sky slurred bitterly. Damn, was that my voice?

 “What’s up your ass tonight, Sky?” Ghost asked with the same amount of bitterness.

 “Nothing,” he huffed. “It’s just no shocker that you know all about body shots.”

 “So how do you do them?” Joe interrupted as Ghost and Sky stared at each other.

 Ghost got a shit-eating smirk on his face as he looked into Sky’s eyes. “Well, it depends. Are

you a giver or a receiver?” Sky raised his brow at Ghost.

 “What’s the difference?” Joe asked.

 “I’ll show you, buddy,” Ghost said and stood up. “My friend here wants to know about body

shots. Can I get a volunteer to help me demonstrate?” Immediately, all the females that were

hanging out outside the ropes started to yell and offer Ghost their assistance. Ghost looked over

the crowd of bodies, and then looked at Sky and raised his brow in question.

 What the fuck? Sky sat up a little straighter. Ghost walked around the table and stopped in front

of Sky. Sky looked up at him.

 “What do you say, Sky? Want to put on another show?” Ghost asked with a little bitterness in

his voice.

 “Sure,” Sky answered with anger in his voice. If he wants to put on a show, then fine, we’ll put

on a show.

 “Great,” Ghost said with a smirk and pulled Sky from his chair. He pushed him down to sit on

the table. “Lean back,” he whispered against Sky’s ear, causing a shiver to go through him. Sky

leaned back on his elbows and met Ghost’s eyes. Ghost smiled and licked his lips.

 Suddenly, Ghost leaned down again, but moved his head to Sky’s neck. He licked a line up the

side of his neck to his ear and then nibbled on it for a moment. Sky couldn’t help it when a moan

escaped his lips and his eyes closed. Ghost moved away and Sky’s eyes popped open to find

Ghost holding the salt shaker to his neck.

 “Don’t move,” Ghost ordered, causing another shiver to run through Sky at the command. Ghost

shook the shaker over the spot he had just licked and then placed the shaker on the table. He

grabbed a lemon wedge and held it in front of Sky’s lips. “Open,” he commanded again and Sky

opened his mouth. Ghost placed the lemon wedge between Sky’s lips and dragged it across his

bottom lip, leaving a trail of juice behind. “Bite down on it gently and hold it between your

 Sky bit down on the wedge and closed his lips around Ghost’s fingers and held still. Their eyes

met as Ghost kept his fingers in Sky’s mouth. He slowly dragged his fingers away and grabbed a

shot glass full of tequila. He leaned over Sky and pressed his lips against his ear. Ghost’s hot

breath against his ear felt so good, and Sky just wanted to wrap his arms around the man’s neck

and pull him closer.

 “If we weren’t around all these people, I would have salted your cock,” he whispered into Sky’s

ear, causing him to shiver and a small whimper to escape his lips. Then he felt Ghost’s warm,

wet tongue lick slowly up the same path along his neck to his ear. He pulled back and downed

the shot, then claimed the lemon wedge from Sky’s lips with his mouth. Ghost licked across his

lips and then thrust his tongue into Sky’s mouth, along with the lemon wedge.

 Oh fuck, take me now, I don’t care who’s watching, Sky thought as Ghost continued to kiss him

forcefully, passionately.

 Ghost pulled back slowly, taking the lemon wedge with him. He sucked on it and pulled it from

his lips as he stared at Sky. He smiled and stood straight, then looked at Joe. “That’s how you do

a body shot.”

 “Holy fuck, I want one,” Joe said breathlessly as his glossy eyes just stared at them.

Author Bio: Maggie Walsh is a married mother of four who lives in the beautiful Pocono

Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie loves to write contemporary erotic M/M romance. One of

her favorites characters to write about are shifters and vampires. She loves to write about strong

men who are not afraid to show their vulnerable side to the one they love.

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