Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guest Author - Victoria Vallo's At the Highwayman's Mercy

Adam gave up a life of ease and comfort to travel through Europe with his lover William, a former highwayman. Far from the scene of William’s crimes, he believes they’ll be safe, but he didn’t count on running into one of William’s old compatriots. As he tries to figure out what this man really wants from them, Adam worries his happiness with William might not last under the constant pressure of secrecy. Their relationship could see them both hanged, yet Adam knows he can’t live without the man who’s stolen his heart…



Adam entered their room and looked right into William’s eyes. The man sat on their bed, waiting. Adam bolted the door and walked over to the window to close the curtains. William watched his every move.
“Did you have a good time?” William asked as Adam approached.
Adam nodded and went down on his knees so they were face to face. “Yes. I even flirted with a few ladies enough for their husbands to glare at me. I then apologized and moved on, letting the other men rib me about it.”
“Better be careful there. People aren’t as uptight here, but the lower classes so love a good tavern brawl.”
“The lower classes? You mean ruffians and brigands like you, of course. Not these decent working people.”
William chuckled and pulled Adam close for a kiss. They’d first met when William was robbing the people of Middlesex as a highwayman, and though he’d left that life behind, Adam still loved teasing him about it. Adam’s father had been a magistrate, and at fifteen, Adam had genuinely believed he could outsmart and catch the highwayman who plagued their community. William had, of course, outsmarted him, but Adam hadn’t given up, not understanding until much later why he really kept chasing the handsome man with startling blue eyes.
Adam drew back, looking into those beautiful eyes and smiling. “I missed you.”
“We were only apart for three hours.” William caressed his face.
“I know, but I still missed you.” He nuzzled William’s neck and kissed the hot skin there. “Make love to me.”
William reached to unlace Adam’s shirt. “All right, but I shall have to gag you. You got too loud last night.”
Adam shivered as William’s fingers brushed his skin.
“Perhaps I should bind you as well,” William added as he pulled the shirt over Adam’s head. “In case you try to escape.”
“You think I might?” Adam asked. He ran his hands under William’s shirt and let one roam a little lower. A moan escaped as he rubbed William’s hard shaft.
“See? Much too loud.” William stood and threw Adam down on the bed. He removed his boots and breeches, smiling wider at the sight of Adam’s erect cock.
Adam watched every move William made as he walked to another part of the room and retrieved several silk scarves. He twisted two of them together and gagged Adam, leaning in and teasing Adam’s bottom lip with his teeth as he secured it. Then he tied both of his wrists and fastened them to the bedposts.
William undressed very slowly, and then he stood pumping his cock as he admired Adam. “I love seeing you this way.”
Adam arched off the bed as he looked into William’s eyes. His lover eventually had mercy on him and crawled onto the bed. William kissed his stomach, barely brushing his lips to Adam’s skin. He did this repeatedly, and he purposely angled his body so that he never came into contact with Adam’s cock.
Adam moaned. William gave him a playfully reprimanding look and bent Adam’s left leg just enough to slap his ass. Desire shot through Adam. He wanted more but knew that one smack was likely all William would risk.
“The next time we get some real privacy, I’m going to redden that ass.” William ran his hand over Adam’s stomach and finally grasped his cock.
Adam sighed and closed his eyes as those masterful fingers stroked him. When he opened them again, William leaned close, staring at him.
“So beautiful,” William said. He kissed Adam’s cheek with surprising tenderness and pumped him faster.
Adam tilted his head to rub his cheek against William’s before William pulled away. William released him and knelt between Adam’s legs. Instead of sucking Adam, he licked him, never giving Adam too much contact yet still covering every inch of his cock. He kissed the tip and then ran his tongue over the slit. Adam bit down on the gag when William’s mouth moved down to his balls. William sucked on them with just enough pressure to increase the ache there. Adam gazed down at him, silently pleading.
“How can I resist those eyes?” William asked. He spread Adam’s cheeks and fingered his hole before running his tongue over it.
Adam lifted his legs and pushed his ass into the air. William took hold of his cheeks and helped him stay in that position as he kept exploring with his mouth. William’s tongue seemed to grow in length when he did this to Adam, and William always chuckled every time Adam said so. William curled his tongue and fucked Adam’s hole with it. When he had Adam nice and wet, he began using his fingers to tease and stretch the hole. They had sex so often that Adam never had pain anymore, but he still loved the care William took in preparing him each time.
Adam bit down on the gag again, briefly wondering what William would say if Adam confessed that he loved him. He had no reason to believe he’d be rejected, yet he couldn’t be sure William really wanted them to exchange such words. William spoke in hurried French at times as they made love, and Adam always tried to catch what he was saying, wishing his father had not deemed French lessons “a useless waste of time for fancy ninnies who think they are above their peers”. Was William sneakily confessing his own feelings, or was he saying something dirty? Adam recalled enough Latin to know the murmurings were affectionate. He longed to know either way. He moaned as William filled him with three fingers and made it impossible for him to think about anything else.

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