Sunday, April 12, 2015

Guest Post -- Marie Medina and His Brother's Best Friend

Marie is my editor at Twisted E-Pub and a wonderful writer herself.  This story is the second in her The Wrong Bed series.  The first is a MF title, His Brother Keeps Her.

Matthew never understood why he couldn’t fall in love until he realized he was gay. There are a couple of guys he likes at work, but he doesn’t feel ready to date. Yet when a mix up at his family’s cabin lands the hot, hard body of his brother’s best friend in his bed, Matthew begins to wonder what he’s waiting for. He’s already wasted so much time, so why should he deny something that feels so right from the very first touch?

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Matthew couldn’t keep the smile off his face when he saw Heath sprawled across the bed they’d shared. He wore glasses now and had put on a pair of boxer shorts, but the rest of his body was bare. Matthew longed to touch those hard muscles, as he’d only gotten in the briefest of half-asleep touches earlier, but instead he sat on the bed and handed one of the mugs of coffee off.

“Thanks,” Heath said, sitting up and crisscrossing his legs under him on the bed. He took a sip and moaned. “Mmmm, so good. Just what I needed.”

Matthew took a long sip of his coffee to hide his smile, remembering what Heath had said about needing caffeine earlier. “You take it black? I didn’t even ask. Sorry.”

“Yeah.” He nodded slowly and smiled. “But I like a little cream sometimes.”

“Oh, do you?” Matthew didn’t really know what else to say. He was new to flirting with another man.

“Yep,” Heath said, leaning closer, “especially when it’s as good as what I just had.”

Matthew knew his face had to be red, and he tried to speak, but Heath’s lips stopped him. The kiss was sweet, undemanding, but it still made Matthew’s blood run hot.

When they parted, Heath said, “I was thinking when you went downstairs. About us.”


“Yeah. Am I going too fast? You know, since you haven’t been with a guy.”

“No, we’re fine. Um, but I don’t really, uh, know what I want just yet.” He adjusted his sweatpants and smiled, feeling awkward. “I mean, I’m twenty-six. I obviously want to have sex.”

“The thing is, I feel like I know you. Gary might not talk about me much, but he talks about you every single day. We’ve met, what, three times? But to me, it’s … different.”

“Okay.” Matthew took another sip of coffee and nodded. “That makes sense. And I’m guessing the attraction is a given.” He met Heath’s eyes. “Not just a case of me being, well, available?”

Heath chuckled. “No, brown eyes, that’s not me. I think you’re hot. You can ask Gary. A few days after we met, I jokingly asked if he had a brother. I got excited when he said yes, but then he said you liked girls. So, I just forgot about it.”

“When did he tell you?” Matthew asked.

“That you’re gay? A few days before he mentioned this trip. Two or three maybe.”

Matthew looked down into his cup. “You think they planned this?”

“Probably, but in his defense, he said nothing suggestive when he invited me. The only allusion he made was saying you might like talking to someone who’s been out for a long time. You know, like the stuff we talked about last night.”

“It’s weird at times. I keep having to tell friends. It’s not like I get a special pin to wear or anything. And tons of people have asked about Sara. A few people have seen her with Gary. His hair’s wavy like mom’s, so they can tell us apart. That leads to awkward questions.”

Heath smiled. “You tell them the truth?”

“What really happened? No, never.”

“Gary told me. That’s why I laughed last night. I’d never say anything to Sara, though, unless she mentioned it. So don’t worry.” He gazed at Matthew for a minute. “Yeah, you definitely aren’t identical. Noticed it before. He’s got lots of pics of both of you at his desk. Your features are softer. And your eyes are prettier, with those flecks of green and gold.”

Matthew sucked in his lower lip, blushing. “Thanks.”

“And you blush so cutely.” Heath moved to the edge of the bed and put his coffee down. “And, in case it wasn’t obviously when I was swallowing your cock, I like you. Let’s just hang out and see where this goes. Okay?”

Matthew nodded. “Okay.”

Heath smiled and leaned in to brush a kiss on Matthew’s cheek. “And then tonight, you tell me what you want. Anything, and you can have it.” He rose before Matthew could respond, going into the bathroom and pushing the door closed.

Matthew let out the breath he’d been holding and leaned back against the headboard. Anything? Oh boy.
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