Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Teamed with an unlikely partner, Khaos heads to the Amazon basin in his search for the next Dragon Heart. Little does he know that in the midst of the tropical jungle, he’ll find his human mate.

Henry is more than Khaos could’ve ever expected, and offers Khaos a chance for redemption for a wrong Khaos committed a long time ago.

But once Henry realizes just how monstrous his lover can be, is there any chance he’ll cede his mind, body, and soul?


Henry took his time, turning off one of the lanterns on the other side of the room. Although he’d been here before, he actually hadn’t. Memories of a lover weren’t the real deal. He’d never had Khaos’ hands on his naked body. He’d never had the dragon’s lips trailing over his flesh. No matter what he’d seen in his head, he’d never felt any of those things.

He slowly moved to the bed. There was no sheet on the mattress, just the fabric facing of the mattress. “Did you want to make the bed first?”

Khaos shook his head. “Just get in here where you belong.”

Henry let out a shuddered breath before moving to the other lantern and turning it down to near nothing. A slight glow filled the space, and Henry had no more excuses for not getting into that bed beside Khaos.

“Come here, mate.”

Henry’s body trembled at the sound of the word. Mate. He’d thought the man who’d imprisoned him insane and now here he was accepting the fact he was indeed Khaos’.

A second chance.

Emotion filled him with that. He’d felt his predecessor’s yearning to be with his mate, and that now filled Henry. He climbed into the bed, sliding his body along the hard, toned flesh of his soon-to-be lover. As soon as he was settled, Khaos took control, his hands spanning out to touch every exposed surface of Henry’s flesh.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,” Khaos whispered. “You don’t know how lonely I’ve been without you.”

Henry’s chest tightened. He sensed a little of the pain of loss. Enough to feel the elation of this reunion. “Show me, Khaos. Show me how much you want me.”

Khaos’ gaze met his in the low light. “That will take a lifetime, mate.”

Henry felt the lump in his throat, but forgot it as Khaos’ lips met his. Lust swallowed all the other emotions as Khaos moved his fingers under the waistband of Henry’s boxers and cupped Henry’s shaft.

Their mouths warred as Khaos stroked Henry’s hard cock, his tight fist moving up and down under the boxers. Khaos paused a moment to yank the boxers away, tearing them some in his hurry to get Henry naked. Before the material hit the ground, Khaos’ lips were back on Henry’s, the dragon’s hand pumping at Henry’s shaft once more.
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