Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Release -- The Dungeon Level Two

I'm late for work all the way around this week.  I forgot to post about my new release, Level Two of Le Cachot.  The Dungeon is in fine form, showing off all it's levels with little glimpses into what's going to be coming down the pike.

Creigh Delacroix is learning the way through his new BDSM world, under the careful tutelage of his boss and master, Gabriel Etienne. Creigh believes he’s grasped level one and is ready to move on to darker desires, but Gabriel is concerned his new slave isn’t ready to observe all Le Cachot has to offer.

Level two is more than Creigh could’ve expected — and he’ll be tested more than he originally anticipated.

Creigh will have to impress the Gate Keepers to move farther into the depths of Le Cachot. Within the Gatekeepers’ lair, Creigh lays witness to the depravity the members enjoy on a daily basis.

Welcome to Level Two of Le Cachot…


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