Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Writing Update

I'm a total slacker and haven't been adding new content here as often as I should. I blame Facebook. Social media is such a time suck and it's precious time I could be using to write. So, I apologize for being absent here.

Although -- you could come friend me there and get more news!  They have this thing where they believe everyone should have a FIRST and LAST name.  Why be so normal?  But to fit in their parameters, I have to be Kel Ex, which makes it harder for readers to find me.

It's about time to get you guys updated on what's going on in my little writing world.

1.  Khaos is coming this Wednesday, 8/6!

Yes, the final Fire Dragon book is coming shortly and will close out the trilogy.  But no worries, Carreg, Earth Dragons #1 is in the mix, continuing the search for the original dragon and the hearts.

I've really enjoyed writing the dragons' stories, even though they don't seem to be the bestsellers some of the other series have been.  These guys have a lot of heart and the characters have really grown on me.  Hopefully as their world grows even larger in upcoming stories, it will get even better.

2.  The Dungeon, Le Cachot Level Two

I'm currently working on this title and it should be coming later this month.  It's tentatively scheduled for 8/27/14.  It's been nice to get back to my BDSM roots with this story and they'll be getting more and more interesting as our guys travel deeper and deeper into the dungeon.  What is Level Two, you ask?  An edgier, rougher level, where painful pleasures are wrought from the flesh.

Extra -- I had a reader ask how many levels Le Cachot had -- there are nine, like the circles of Hell.  :)  *I am so bad*

3.  Roxxy Lyons is coming!

A great friend of mine has recently become a TEP author.  Roxxy writes trans/mm stories and I've had a hand in editing, mentoring, and helping her bring her work to the public.  If you're a fan of trans stories, dub con, forced seduction, and alpha males, you're going to absolutely LOVE this story.  Not for the faint of heart, this hardcore trans-love story is something else.  Roxxy's Becoming Sarah is coming 8/20 from TEP.

You can stay up to date on Roxxy's releases HERE.

4.  Earth Dragons - Carreg

Carreg is the Drakon of the Earth Dragons.  You'll meet him in Khaos' story and get a little taste of this strong alpha dragon.  I think you're going to like him a lot.  I sure do.

This tale should be heading your way sometime in early September.

What else is on tap?

I'm formulating a Twisted Fairy Tale for my publisher and hope to get working on it in the very near future.  April Andrews also has a couple of titles for this new line at TEP, so it'll be nice to inject some mm into the current list of MF/MFMM they've got so far.

I also have another Sci-Fi series in the works, but this one is a little different than my others.  It should get to work on it next month.

Happy Reading!
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