Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Blogger - Roxxy Lyons

Welcome Roxxy Lyons to my blog -- she's here to share a little about her first release with TEP, Becoming Sarah.  Roxxy writes trans male to female stories with a lot of bite.  If trans stories (or dubcon/forced seduction) isn't your thing, then she might not be the author for you.  But if it is -- then check her out.

Steven’s out of work and nearly out of cash when his brother comes with a temporary job offer Steven struggles to ignore.

Prince Al Habib loves men in women’s lingerie, and will pay top dollar to have a new companion while in the country.

Steven’s always had a deep, dark secret—loving to dress in women’s silky things—but he’s not gay, nor willing to do any more than parade around for the cash.

What he didn’t consider was no one tells an Arabian prince no.

Steven had never sucked a cock, had never had the desire to.

She was Sarah now, and Sarah’s mind was much different. Looking at the prince’s thick shaft, her mouth watered, wanting to take him as far down her throat as she could. But the prince didn’t need to know that. “I told you I wasn’t interested in sex with you.”

“Yes, my sweet, you looked very disinterested mere moments ago as you moaned from my attentions, ready to spill your seed in my hand. Make me come and well, and I’ll make sure you reach the release I took from you.”

Sarah eyed the thick cock before her as the prince opened his shirt wide to show an expanse of hard-packed muscles. His cock was so different than her own. The dusky skin was darker than the deeply tanned skin of her body. The nest of dark hair at the base was thin, the dark, wiry hairs neatly trimmed. Lifting a hand, she trailed her fingers from the base to the tip, and was rewarded with a moan from the prince’s lips.

“Taste me, Sarah.”

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