Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rhaege's New New Cover & March Writing Update
So Rhaege got another cover tweak a couple of days ago.  On some of the websites, the dragon behind the guy's just made the whole thing look faded out and one tone, so the cover artist removed the background.

Just wanted to give you guys an update, in case there was any confusion.

And the covers for Phrenzy and Khaos have been adjusted the same -- the dragon removed.

I hate making changes like that on the fly, after a book has been pubbed, but it was a group decision that the cover was just too mottled and could barely be seen.  We can't win them all -- I loved the original cover, but understand the need for the change.

Rhaege doesn't seem to be as popular as other series I've worked on -- maybe dragon shifters aren't the thing right now.  As this was a planned 18 book series, I might have to rethink the pending schedule.

But I've also had some negative feedback on Adrian's Submission -- folks said they didn't care for it as well as others in the series.  To be honest, I forced that book out because I'd had so many requests for it, and really hadn't felt it as I wrote it.  I should've listened to myself and not forced the story.  I'm sorry if you guys didn't enjoy it.  But I've learned to listen to my gut from this point forward.  If a series feels right to end, I'll end it.

I'm currently working on the final Whorehouse title, The Forgotten Prince, which is going well so far.  After that, I have to take a little hiatus, but then will be back to writing Phrenzy hopefully near the end of March, beginning of April.  And then Khaos will follow soon after.

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