Thursday, March 27, 2014

NEW RELEASE - The Forgotten Prince

The end is here, folks.  The Forgotten Prince is the final book in the Shifter Rebellion Series.  We end with Aleth, the forgotten prince.  I hope you enjoy his tale!

Third and Final Book in the Shifter Rebellion Series

Disfigured at birth, Aleth was marked for death in a too perfect shifter race. He survived unbeknownst to his father, until his remarkable power was brought to light.
Aleth was used by the invading Xakarrian Army to overthrow his own people. After years of abuse, Aleth held no love for his fellow shifters, but even so, the guilt of what he’d been forced to do weighed on him.
When his brother Agarri learns of his existence, Agarri sends a trio of Kannomite warriors to save Aleth. The hand-picked warriors know a thing or two about being different and Agarri hopes they can understand his brother’s pain and possible offer him the love he’s lacked for so long.
From the moment the triad meets Aleth, they can’t resist him, knowing he’s their fated mate. Years of loneliness tempt Aleth once in their hands, but he fears what the future holds.
There’s a war waged around them and the forgotten prince is the key to one side’s victory—the triad must not fail.


A rumbling sounded in one corner of Aleth’s room. He walked closer and saw the very walls trembling, the stones jostling slightly. When the wall began to open up, he jumped back, afraid.

Moments later, an overly large male exited the newly formed hole, which appeared to be a door of some sort. A secret passage? Aleth stared at the opening and knew he saw his freedom before him. If he could get past the giant.

Another two males exited the passage and stepped into Aleth’s rooms, these two smaller than the first, but just as unusual. One had a head full of white hair, while the other’s eyes glowed green instead of lavender like other shifters.

After so many years of being hidden away from the world, Aleth felt suddenly vulnerable. Even though he’d hated his prison, he was safe there. The three strong males who walked in didn’t make Aleth feel safe at all.

Excitement coursed through his body along with fear. His breathing shallowed, and his heart started to race as he took in their large, muscled bodies. These were not regular shifters, not the ones he was used to seeing. All three were handsome in their own interesting ways.

It wasn’t as if he’d never seen another male before, but a dark need grew within him as he looked at them. His cock stiffened and all Aleth could think about was offering himself up to the males, as some kind of sexual tribute. Aleth pushed the idea from his head, knowing it was insane to think it, but the many years of loneliness weighed on him. His past few years had only heightened his solitude. He only saw guards now or those he was forced to harm.

Aleth sensed a connection to them, but they were strangers. None of them looked familiar to him, yet he felt an awareness, as if his very soul knew them. They were warriors, he was sure of it. Exiled Kannomite warriors—an old tribe of shifters whom he’d never met but only heard stories of. Aleth had overheard the tales of their strength, power, … and sexual prowess.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Aleth asked, breathless in anticipation. Need spiraled in him and threatened to overtake him then and there. He wanted to be touched. Not manhandled as the guard did on occasion.

The large one spoke, his voice deep. “We are your rescue, Your Highness.”
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