Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rhaege is HERE!
Rhaege is a little different than some of my previous stories.  There is a lot more emotion in this tale -- love lost and lost over again can't be devoid of highly charged emotion.  This is the first book of a trilogy, the Fire Dragons.

Rhaege, Drakon of the Fire Dragons, is cursed to live his eternal life without his human mate. He watched broken–hearted as the first died in his arms over a thousand years ago and has had to witness the same occur six more times since. When he meets the eighth incarnation, a pick–pocketing, smart–mouthed teenager, Rhaege isn’t sure what to do with him.

Reincarnated over and over, Micah has dreamed of Rhaege his entire life. When Micah meets the shifter after snatching his wallet, Micah immediately feels the connection, but fights it. He’s lived most of his life on the streets, unloved and unwanted, and fear makes him run—right into the dragons’ worst enemy.

After saving his human, Rhaege hands the boy over to his best friend for safe keeping, knowing Micah’s too young and he’s too weak. When the time comes five years later for Rhaege to claim what’s his, he ignores the call. The guilt won’t let him take his lover into his arms yet again, knowing it’s a death sentence for Micah.

But Micah now yearns for the love he’s witnessed in his dreams and is willing to die to have a taste of his dragon.


Micah had so many questions, but after that initial night, Rhaege had never returned for him as Micah had expected him to. Frustration mounted. Micah knew he belonged to Rhaege, and no one else. The thought of anyone else touching him was abhorrent. And after seeing himself fucked every which way to Sunday every night in his head, he was a bundle of nerves. He belonged to the dragon, as much as the dragon belonged to him, so why hadn’t Rhaege come back to him?

Training helped curb the need and the dreams. It was all he’d found that helped. Utter exhaustion.

“You’ve gotten good at that,” a male voice said behind him in the darkness.

Fine hairs lifted on Micah’s neck. He knew the voice before he ever turned around. Micah paused and steadied the bag before tugging off his gloves and tossing them to the gym floor. “Took you long enough to come check in on me.”

Rhaege stepped out of the shadows once Micah looked over his shoulder.
“I left you to protect you.”

Micah shook his head. “From what? I can handle those undead things with my eyes closed now.”

“I can see your cocky attitude remained firmly in place,” Rhaege said.

Micah felt like giving the jerk a middle finger and then walking away, but he was frozen to the spot. “And I can see rich bastard stuck with you, too.” Micah glared at him and unstuck himself, not ready to have their reunion boil down to a name-calling contest. He spun on his heel and headed for the dorms in back.

“I left you here to protect you from me.”

Micah paused, his back still to Rhaege. Slowly he turned to look at the guy. “From you? You’re the one who saved my ass and brought me here for Phrenzy to kick my ass. Who knows where I’d be without that.”

Rhaege took a few steps and closed the gap between them. “You’ve more than likely seen the dreams at this point.”

Micah’s face burned red, and he looked down at his feet. “Yeah.”

“When I first brought you here, you were too young. And I couldn’t trust myself to train you in the things you needed to know. I trusted Phrenzy to do that for me.”

Micah looked up. Why hadn’t he noticed just how handsome Rhaege was five years ago? His heartbeat sped up as he stared. He wanted Rhaege, just like he’d seen in those dreams. Micah wanted to be claimed and marked by his dragon. “And when I was no longer a boy? Why didn’t you come for me?”

A tick formed at the side of Rhaege’s jaw. “You’ve seen what happens to you when I take you. I can’t watch you die again. You deserve a life.”

“All I see in my head is you. I can’t stop it. Every time I close my eyes I see you. What kind of life am I supposed to live if you’re not in it?” Micah knew the things he was saying would sound insane to anyone else, but all those memories made him feel as if he’d already known Rhaege for an eternity. They were bonded, paired, and Micah accepted his rightful place and was willing to give in.
But the dragon wasn’t taking.

Rhaege lifted his chin and looked to the high gym ceiling for a moment before staring back at Micah. His eyes glowed for a second but returned to normal. “I want you with everything in my being. You’re my other half. But I can’t live with the guilt your death brings.”

“In a thousand years, you couldn’t find a way to save me? For being so old, I figured there would be a little more wisdom packed in there,” Micah said.

Rhaege growled, anger flooding his face. He began walking closer. “Don’t you think I would do everything in my power to find who is behind the attacks? I spent most of my life seeking your killer and turned up nothing.”

Rhaege stopped mere inches from Micah. “I’ve looked high and low for a way for us to be together and found nothing. So, I decided it was better for us to be apart and know you’ll live.”

“Did you ever consider what I wanted?”

“You can’t want to die,” Rhaege said incredulously.

Micah glared at the shifter. “What if this time’s different? You’d rather push me away than try again? Fail before you even begin?”

Instead of answering, Rhaege grabbed Micah and drew him closer. When Rhaege’s lips hit his, lust fired in Micah’s veins. The touch was intense, making Micah’s legs weak and his body tremble, all while his cock lengthened and thickened. He was more than ready for the dragon to claim him and mark his flesh with dragon fire. Micah returned the kiss with everything in him, all the years of longing and need that had built within him.
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