Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Forgotten Prince - THE END IS HERE!

The Forgotten Prince, the final book in the Shifter Rebellion series (or as I like to call them -- The Whorehouse Diaries), is coming WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26th!! 

Prince Aleth was a unique character, to say the least, and his trio of untouchable warriors were very ready to touch and be touched.

Now I'm on to Phrenzy, the second installment of the Fire Dragon Trilogy next.  While Rhaege (part one) hasn't been a wild bestseller, it has gotten some great reader reviews thus far which is appreciated.  I'm excited about the series and there are grander plans in place for the dragon world.  Seven dragon houses leaves a lot of space there for more, hmm?

After Phrenzy, I think it's time to get in some fun shorts for summer reading.  I'll be working on a short trilogy of quick, hot reads.  More news to come there, but I plan on the first one arriving in mid to late April.

Khaos will follow, rounding out the Fire Dragon trilogy.
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