Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Now Available! Adrian's Submission
Quads of Alpha S, Book 4

Adrian is secure in his heterosexuality when he’s stranded on a planet without females. Cursed with three years of Federated Navy induced celibacy already has him stretched to his limits. When a band of four alien males decide that Adrian is theirs, his boundaries are trampled over and he’s left reeling from the encounter.

E’an, Kee’gn, Dray, and Ganon come in hopes of getting help for their struggling village not far from the one aiding the crash survivors. Many weeks of vicious attacks have left their warriors drained and reinforcements are necessary. The last thing they expect is to find upon arrival is their mate, a human male who responds to their touches all while claiming he could never want them.

The aliens force Adrian to face the need within him, and to stop labeling satisfaction in terms of gay and straight.


Adrian wasn’t sure what the big alien’s problem was, but he wasn’t in the mood to deal. His head still banged like a drum from over-imbibing the night before and it was a hangover that did just that, it hung over him too long. Pr’tept had awoken him that morning and told him to walk off the effects, but that didn’t seem to be helping. And now it seemed he had even bigger problems.

Three smaller aliens surrounded the first one, but smaller in Shadow terms still meant a lot bigger than Adrian. He couldn’t fight all four of them, so he relaxed into the alien’s hold slightly, waiting for the moment he could free himself.

“Nero verot’ki,” the alien said slowly.

“What?” Just what Adrian needed. An alien bully who didn’t speak English. He’d had enough of that over the last day and a half.

“Nero verot’ki,” the alien said quietly, an evil smile curling his lips. “Op’sennsa.”

“I don’t speak your language,” Adrian replied with as much firmness in his voice as he could muster. He glared up at the alien, refusing to cower. If he was being tested, then he’d show them he wasn’t playing their games. For added emphasis, he yanked his arm again, but the alien’s iron grip wasn’t letting up.

Before Adrian could move, the alien was on him. The male’s teeth sank into Adrian’s neck and he could feel the alien drinking from him. Within seconds, Adrian could feel his energy draining from him and a sense of desire pounding through his veins. His cock began to swell, even with the loss of blood. The bite felt … good.

It felt better than good.

Adrian let his head fall back, a slave to the sensation. The alien cradled Adrian in his arms, pulling Adrian off the ground. Weakness settled in his body, and he was lulled into an odd sense of sleepy arousal. He wanted their touch; even though his mind rebelled against the thought, his body reacted. The alien’s mouth on his flesh felt hot. The sensations coursing through him made every nerve ending fire. His cock grew steadily, thickening until it could go no farther. Visions of the orgasm he’d had the night before flooded into his head, of him being fucked while sucking another male’s cock, and lust heated his body. Boiling from the inside out, he wanted them to take him, hard and fast.

But he couldn’t. No, this wasn’t right.

A last moment of focus hit him, and he fought against the mouth at his neck. Adrian wasn’t gay. They were going to enslave him, like the other members of the crew. He needed to fight it. One of the crew needed to remain outside the madness so they could find a way home, without hot alien sex ruining their view.

But the desire rushing through his body felt too good. The fight left him as all thought did, too. He was swamped in the sensuality of the moment. It had been too long since he’d been touched in any way, and his body yielded.

A moan left his lips as he closed his eyes and surrendered.
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