Tuesday, February 11, 2014

COMING TOMORROW! Adrian's Submission

I've been very neglectful of my blog the last few weeks -- apologies!  But I was focused on getting the next book in the Quads of Alpha S book done, which comes out TOMORROW!

Adrian's story was a doozy and really made me work to get it complete.  I was exhausted when it was complete -- mentally and physically.

But I'm back on track and have started work on the new dragon shifter story, which is coming next.  I'm really impressed with where this story is going so far.  Hopefully you guys will, too.  Tentatively, this one is titled Rhaege, but as I work on the story, it may change because I'm not completely feeling that one.

Once the dragon story is done, I'll be wrapping up the Whorehouse series with The Forgotten Prince.

I've got a packed schedule for 2014, with lots of plans for new tales.  Can't wait to get them all out to you!
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