Thursday, January 9, 2014

Q & A with Kelex

I just noticed a couple of comments I somehow missed recently -- and I've also had a few emailed to me recently, so I'm going to answer them here (and I answered the comments, too, for those of you who placed them -- sorry I just noticed!)

1.  Are there any more books coming in the Wolves of Mt Alexis Series?  Right now, the answer is no, but White Wolf is still at the back of my mind.  He's been standing there moping for quite a while now, refusing to leave without his story being told.  But I'm struggling with his character.  I'm on the fence as to if he's an alpha or a beta wolf. 

I'm still considering a Lion series.  Aris' character was just too hot to ignore.  And a reader suggested an Aris/White Wolf pairing -- which is the reason for me being on the fence.  I'd seen WW as an alpha until that email, which sort of blew my mind at the thought of that coupling.  And WW suddenly bent in my mind and became a beta.  So -- I'm at a stand-still there.  So fans of the series -- what are your thoughts?  White Wolf on his own, or as Aris' lover?  Or do you even want more Wolves/Lions at all?

2.  Is Wynne the last book in the Quads series?  (LOL, I'm terrible at making decisions!)  The plan was for five books, but Wynne's story hasn't sold as well as the first two, so it makes me wonder if interest in the series has waned.  I don't want to tell tales no one really wants to read.  Would you guys rather see new stories, or should I bring Scottson and Peterson's stories as originally planned?  How about you tell me what you want?

3.  Will there be another Bears in Bondage book?  No...err...maybe?  (See a pattern here?)  There was a final book planned, but the series sort of tanked sales-wise, so I assumed few were really interested in more.  At this late stage in the game, I think that ship has sailed.  Although, I have been asked to join a couple of my TEP authors in a new antho idea this spring and my gut reaction was to brush off Bears and give them a last hurrah.  That isn't written in stone!!

4.  Will there be another Master's New Toy book?  I had an idea for the first half of the book, but nothing hit me for the conclusion.  Other ideas drew me away from my original series, and I haven't really looked back.  It's highly doubtful I'd go back to the Master's series at this stage in the game.

5.  Where are you going next?  The Sci-Fi/Menage titles seem to be what's hot right now and demand is high, but at heart, I really prefer my paranormal shifters.  I want to write the stories people want to read, but at the same time, I need to write what I enjoy, too, or it'll just end up being forced dreck.  I'm trying to find the balance between the two and hopefully get out titles you'll enjoy.  I just finished The Whorehouse Oracle, which will be out Jan 15th, and there is one more Whorehouse title coming after that.  And I'll be pondering Scottson and Peterson for Quad tales, but to be honest, it feels sort of flat.  Next on my agenda is a dragon shifter MM trilogy and then I'm toying with a Bear shifter series to come in early spring as well as a futuristic/historical mash-up, unless the muse pulls me elsewhere.

Any other questions?  Shoot me a comment here or in my inbox:
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