Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Wrote THE END on The Whorehouse Oracle!

How's everyone handling this winter chill?  It's freezing here this morning and I feel like crawling back under the warm covers, especially since I was up really late writing.

Late last night I wrapped up The Whorehouse Oracle, Book 2 in The Shifter Rebellion and sent the book on to my editor.  I think you're all going to enjoy the follow-up to Best Little Whorehouse.

The Whorehouse Oracle is slated for a Wednesday, 1/15 release.

Also, the cover was adjusted to help make it stand out better from the first book.  I'm quite pleased with the improved copy and I'm sharing it here with you guys first!

Next on the agenda is the first in the new Dragons series, which is completely plotted, so should hopefully come fairly easily.  I'll be starting that very soon and hope to have it ready for the end of the month.  I do have another project I want to get moving on in between, so we'll see how it goes time-wise :)

I'll of course keep you guys updated here!

Stay warm and dry -- and remember those furred babies.
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