Sunday, January 12, 2014

A-muse-ing Sunday

Writers are always looking for their muse.  A simple picture can be viewed by one person completely different than another.  What you see here isn't what I see here.

Yes, yes, we all see a very hot guy wearing a hoodie.

But I immediately saw dragon shifter.  I seriously doubt that's what you saw when you looked.

This picture was the one that flipped the switch on the new series I'm about to start.  I wish wholeheartedly I could use this image on the cover...THIS is Rhaege in my mind.

But, all things considered, I absolutely love the cover I received to start this series out, so its all good.

I'll be jumping in to write Rhaege shortly.  I've got the book plotted and planned, so *hopefully* this one will run quickly and smoothly.  But as many of you know, I tend to get off track here and there.

Of course, The Whorehouse Oracle comes out on Wednesday.  Khal's story was very fun to write, with a couple little slips off the trail to get to THE END. 

I guess a sit down with my schedule will be coming soon after that to really plot out where I'll be going this year.  Recent reader emails and comments have me reconsidering what I'll be doing in 2014 after all.

But then, heading off the trail is what I do, so it shouldn't be so odd, eh?
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