Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NEW RELEASE! The Whorehouse Oracle is OUT NOW!

The day has finally arrived!  The Whorehouse Oracle, Book 2 in the Shifter Rebellion Series is now here.

Also -- I have NEWS -- I've decided to add a FOURTH QUAD BOOK to my Quads of Alpha S series due to demand.  After the comments and emails I received, I'm adding Adrian's Submission to the series.  I'll be working on that title next, so look for it soon!


      Triad brothers Tyron, Smythe, and Artim are sent back to Planet X in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the Shifter King. Along the way, Tyron plans to also seek out a rumored oracle, who could turn the tide in their war against the Xakarrians. Told not to follow myths and legends, Tyron looks anyway, knowing the oracle is out there and closer than many realize.

Khal has also been hidden away in Kazru’s whorehouse, made to sell his body to pay for Kazru’s protection. When the males he’d seen in his visions come for him, Khal wonders if it’s too good to be true. Feeling dirty and unclean, he doesn’t think he’s worthy enough to be claimed by a triad of Kannomite warriors, but in his heart, he hopes for just that.

None of them realize just how much they need the other until boundaries are tested and limits passed. Once the dust settles, they’ll either be bound for life, or their link will be severed forever.


Tyron stood facing the oracle, feeling as if every time he opened his mouth, he inserted his foot. Khal looked so lonely, so lost, and Tyron wanted to pull the male into his arms and give him comfort. Tyron wanted to whisper to Khal that things would be better and no one would subject him to those kinds of horrors again.

But after the male had been forced to allow others to touch him, Tyron didn’t want to pressure Khal with unwanted intimacies.

No matter how much Tyron wanted to touch Khal.

There was something calling Tyron closer, something about the small male that made his protective instincts kick in. Tyron’s fingers itched to trail over Khal’s skin. The need to claim Khal made his cock ache between his legs. There was little doubt in Tyron’s mind.
Khal was his mate.

Tyron watched Khal closely, really watching the male. Khal didn’t have the affected air of someone who realized just how handsome he truly was. He wasn’t just handsome. He was almost too perfect. His eyes were the brightest blue Tyron had ever witnessed, and they were large and expressive. Pain and heartache was reflected in those wide orbs, but there was something else—a longing Tyron could feel down deep to his bones each time the oracle looked his way.

Tyron sensed Khal wanted someone to take away his loneliness. Tyron was more than willing to help—but he wouldn’t push too soon.

He went back to gazing at the male’s form. Khal’s skin was almost a shade of purple; it was so blue, which spoke of a mix somewhere in his ancestry. Was that a trait in all oracles? Was that where they got their ability of foresight from? Tyron allowed his gaze to travel across Khal’s smooth skin and down his trim body. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his lean, lightly muscled form. Willowy, that was the best word Tyron could think to describe the male.

“What are you staring at?” Khal asked suddenly, breaking the spell Tyron was under.

“I wasn’t staring.” A lie. Tyron felt bad as soon as he uttered it.

Khal rose and glared at Tyron. “I know you think I’m below you for what I’ve done in that whorehouse, but trust me, it was my only option if I wanted to live. I did what I had to, and I won’t let you stand there and judge me for it.”

Tyron frowned, completely thrown off guard. “What are you talking about?”

“I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me. Like you’d catch something from touching me.”

Tyron was shocked the oracle thought that way, especially when the exact opposite was true. After giving Khal a brief smile, he stalked closer and stopped within inches of the male. “If I didn’t want to touch you, would I do this?” Tyron leaned in and kissed Khal gently.

The caress started simply, nothing more than a tender grazing of their lips. But as soon as Tyron’s skin touched Khal, a hunger set in like nothing he’d ever felt. Tyron deepened the embrace and pulled the oracle into his arms, slipping one hand behind Khal’s head to help give him a better angle. Plundering the male’s mouth, Tyron felt frenzied, the desire to push Khal to the bed and spread Khal wide open for his mouth, his hands, and his cock was more than he’d anticipated.

Reality began to settle in and reminded Tyron where they’d just taken Khal from. He couldn’t push himself on Khal, not yet. Not until Khal had had time to let go of his past.

With a struggle, Tyron pulled away from Khal. He observed the male. Khal stood there, his swollen lips still slightly parted, his eyes closed. When he finally opened his eyes and looked up at Tyron, a hint of a smile crossed his lips.

“What was that for?”

Tyron lifted one eyebrow. “You claimed I didn’t want to touch you. So I proved you wrong. And you’re very, very wrong, you know?”

Khal stepped back, his breathing still not completely recovered. Tyron was glad to see he’d affected the oracle since his heart still raced and his breathing was only now slowing. And his cock was hard as stone, ready to claim what he already sensed was his.

Khal crossed his arms over his chest and glared up at Tyron. “Do you expect repayment for rescuing me? Is that how this works?”

“No,” Tyron frowned. “Your body is yours to do with as you choose. I won’t force you into my bed. Unless you want me to, of course.”

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