Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Duke's Plaything Update

I just turned in both parts of The Duke's Plaything ahead of schedule.  We had planned to release sometime in early April, but it looks like we just may hit the end of March. 

No promises, of course.  It all depends on the editorial process.

My first historically based story, it is the tale of the Duke of Collingsworth, a roguish aristocrat  known for the wild sexual orgies which occur in his English manor and Lord Adam Bannister, who is set to wed a woman he doesn't love, barely knows, and isn't attracted to.  Adam prefers men to women and decides he wants his last ten days of unmarried bliss to be spent inside the walls of the duke's pleasure chamber. It may be the only thing which keeps him sane as he does his duty as a husband.

This story is super hot and went in a direction I wasn't prepared for.  I actually stopped writing for about three days as I wasn't sure I wanted to go there, but the characters were in my head and demanded I take that route.  The duke demanded Adam cross dress for him if Adam wanted to remain inside the walls.  Adam was put into stays and stockings, a gown, a wig, and his face powdered and rouged.

I'm unsure if the duke will continue to want Adam in this state of dress, but I go where the muse takes me and I hope you as the reader enjoy the ride.

But as there are some pieces of the late 18th century (1780-ish) pieces which the reder may not be familiar with, I wanted to include photos here.

"Stays" - the precursor to the modern corset.  Some were laced in the back, as was the one in the story.  Thin bones were placed within the lines running down the garment to help hold the wearer in.

Gowns of 1780's - most were full length to the floor, but this is a great example of the tight fitting bodices most had. 

Wigs - Many female wigs of the time were very large and grand, but there were smaller versions like this one which Adam wears in the story.
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