Saturday, March 30, 2013

Final Round of Edits - The Duke's Plaything

Final edits on The Duke's Plaything have been submitted, so as soon as they come back from the editor, we should be in business.

Here's a little excerpt to tide you over:

“My lord, stop your struggling.  I’m bigger and stronger than you.  You won’t win.”  As if to punctuate his point, Robert pressed him hard to the ground and pulled Adam’s hand behind his back.  “I’ll be taking what I want, and I want that pretty arse of yours.”

Adam bit the inside of his cheek again; the coarse words making him tremble with need.  The fight flew from him.  He didn’t have the stamina to play the game.  Adam just needed to be fucked and fucked hard.  “Stop with the play.  Just take what you will, Robert.”

The servant paused, as if he wasn’t sure what he needed to do now that the rules of the game had changed.  But the pause was quick as the man’s hands pulled Adam’s breeches down and bared his ass.  Within moments, Adam felt the tip of Robert’s cock against his anus.  Robert surged within him with no fanfare, the stinging pain of entry making Adam cry out.  But the pain felt good, as well.  The darker side of him loved the pain, it only heightened the pleasure.
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