Monday, March 11, 2013

Ideas, ideas, ideas...more stories coming

The Master's stories have really picked up in sales as of late, which gets me excited.  Word of mouth must be generating as I don't advertise them ... so that leads me to believe people are enjoying them.  That helps feed my muse and makes him push me to write more.

I'm currently working on a new story which will hopefully be the first in a new 10 part series.  Historical Marquis de Sade -esque BDSM with lots of gender play and humiliation.  Hopefully my readers will enjoy a trip back in time to see some of the beginnings of torture love.  Brand new cover reveal on your left.

I'm also developing an idea for another new series ... each volume devoted to a character who is put into an extreme situation when moving to a new city, looking for work.  They end up doing things they never expected they would.

There's also a part 7 of The Master's New Toy in my head ... but 8 is alluding me.  I like pairing up two stories in one volume so the story is long enough that the reader doesn't feel cheated. 

I've seen a lot of erotica authors out there selling super short works for outrageous sums.  A short 3,000 word erotic tale for $2.99 or more seems like theft to me.  Just my personal opinion.

I'll be working to get the historical tale out first and then I'm not sure which direction I'll go.  More than likely, I'll work on the next Master's tale.  Look for the historical BDSM in April sometime.
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