Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Natascha's Story -- His Milk Maid

Did any of you ever wonder what happened to Michael's girlfriend after she walked out on him in the first book? 

His Milk Maid is Natascha's story ... after she walked out on her "freak" boyfriend, she ended up finding someone who's predilections were as intense, if not more so, than Michael's.

She ends up pregnant after she leaves Michael, and once he's moved, she struggles to get ahold of him.  She gives their baby up for adoption and before she can even leave the hospital, a billionaire makes her the offer of a lifetime ... one she struggles to accept.

But being broke and alone is harder to accept, especially with a sexy Brit ready to take care of her every desire, if she'll take care of his one dark need.

He wants to drain the milk from her body for his own sexual completion. 
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