Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Where's a New Book????

So, yeah, I'm being a bit "lazy" right now and there's been no new release since Sleeping Beauty.

There WAS going to be a new book on May 30, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the book took a total u-turn and I had to make MASSIVE changes.

A secondary character made me realize the book was actually his and not his nephew's, like I thought it was. But his nephew's story will also be coming, just at a later date...

I need more time to get it right, so that project is being pushed back at least a month, if not more.

After making those changes, I decided to shelve the story for a week or two to let my brain untangle and focus on a short project I've been considering doing.  I needed something short and sweet that wouldn't pull me too far away from the shelved book. This will likely be coming close to mid-June.

The big project with all the changes will hopefully be coming in late June/early July.

So check back soon -- I should have a story many of you might be excited to see coming. More news to follow as soon as I have something to share!

Yes, there will be more coming from Midnight, Mississippi soon, too. I had planned for June, but this change in schedule is now pushing the next book in that series tentatively to July.

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