Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hating on Tyler McCreary... (Bear Mountain)

Tyler McCreary
Over the course of the last 14 weeks, I've been doing "re-read events" in my Facebook fan group. Each week, we all re-read one of the Bear Mountain books and then meet on Tuesday nights to discuss -- I answer questions and offer up inside information, etc, etc...

We still have six more books to go, and then we're going to do Project Zed, as well.

Week before last, I saw a post that said this person hated Tyler McCreary (A Beta for Two Bears).

It nearly broke my heart.

Tyler is my favorite of the McCreary boys... and quite possibly my favorite character next to Declan.

Now, my explanation as to why contains SPOILERS... so don't pass here unless you've read the WHOLE series...






1. Tyler IS the McCreary Clan.

He is the one male who stood up when it counted the most and he has made sure that the majority of his brothers stayed connected amid the chaos. 

2. Tyler stood up for his littlest brothers when no one else did

Even in his darkest moment, his only concern was for the four little guys. He HAD to get to them in that snowstorm. He HAD to protect them. He HAD to step up and raise them.

3. Tyler even stood up for his miscreant teenaged brothers when no one else did

He convinced Barron and Dmitri to offer the middle boys a place to call home. He made sure his brothers were together, not set about to the four corners of the universe. He was THE GLUE that held them all together.

4. Tyler has stepped into the role of father to his brothers

As have Barron and Dmitri. Instead of running from responsibilities, he has taken them on without a second thought. To the younger boys, he has basically become their father

5. Tyler was tough on Jamie, Penn, and Colt when they returned

Because he loves them. Their supposed deaths had devastated him. To learn they were suddenly alive and had ran off broke his heart. He felt abandoned, when he would've never abandoned his brothers. Once he learned the reasons why and had time to cool off, he welcomed them back with open arms -- with the caveat that if they ever hurt the younger ones by running away again, he'd tear them apart.  I think he deserved that one.

6. Tyler can be meddlesome and opinionated and gets into his brothers' business

Again, because HE LOVES THEM. The McCreary Clan eventually get to a point where they're almost respectable. His brothers are finding redemption in their home town and a lot of that is because of Tyler and his persistence, and the job he's done as a father to his younger brothers. He loves his family. He wants them all to have the happy ever afters he has and maybe on occasion he sticks his opinions or his foot where it doesn't belong -- but ultimately it's coming from a place of love and a desire for them to be better people.

7. Tyler is an amazing father

Just look at the job he's done with his brothers... and the many babies he's had with Barron and Dmitri (who are pretty damned fine fathers themselves)

So all this Tyler hate needs to end. He is an amazing, rich, loving character who deserves to be loved right back!
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