Friday, May 25, 2018

#FlashbackFriday HUDDLE, Men's Football League, 1

Flashback Friday

Men's League, 1

Arrogant quarterback Aiden Summers thinks he’s God’s gift to football. When he’s not drafted, he and the country are shocked, but his cocky attitude barely wavers. Another offer to play ball, in a lesser league, is the best he can find to get paid to play—at least until the next season of big league ball inevitably comes knocking. Arena football team owner Bailey Thompson is retired from the big game himself, but the love of play kept him inside the business. He sees undrafted college player Aiden Summers as just what his fledgling team needs to sell more seats and raise the profile of the league itself. 

When the controlled Bailey meets with cocky Aiden, Bailey immediately knows the younger man needs a little dose of humility and where better to learn that on his knees, with the taste of the crop coming down on his flesh? Aiden’s not gay, but he can’t ignore the desire the rough caresses ignite, regardless if they’re from another man or not.

Can Bailey get Aiden to understand humility and service before it’s too late?

Aiden stood at the cracked door, peeking in on a conversation he had no business peeking in on. If Nash’s plan worked, Aiden would land on the bench again, so he wasn’t completely out of the situation. 

He should leave, come back later. 

He couldn’t back away. 

Seeing Nash’s head bobbing above Bailey’s groin made Aiden’s cock harder than he’d ever imagine it could be. Aiden wasn’t gay, yet watching the two men get it on was the biggest turn-on he’d ever witnessed. He couldn’t see Bailey’s cock past the edge of the desk and he wanted to see it with a desperation that bordered on obsession. 

Thick and taut, his own cock screamed against the zipper of his jeans. Gripping himself through his jeans, he massaged himself, urging the length to grow even longer. It wasn’t enough, his touch lacking in every way. Aiden unbuttoned his pants and then lowered his zipper, pushing his briefs apart to let his shaft escape the close quarters. 

Palming his cock, he stroked himself as he watched the scene before him. Heat churned in his sac, the need to come spiraling through him with force. The need took his breath away. 

Bailey sliced his fingers through Nash’s hair, coaxing the man to take more of Bailey down his throat. The longer Aiden watched, he was fairly certain this wasn’t the two males’ first time in this position. There seemed to be a familiarity they shared, or Nash was very adept at sucking cock. 

Bailey began to moan louder, pumping his hips up into Nash’s mouth. Aiden quickened the pace over his own shaft, his hips moving in concert with Bailey’s. Seconds after Bailey cried out, Aiden came, shooting a thick load onto the carpet near the door—all while Nash swallowed Bailey’s load. 

As soon as it was over, Aiden was shaken. He quickly shoved his cock back into his pants and zipped them up as he heard the two men speak in low tones. 

His head spun as he rushed away from the door. He launched into the men’s room down the hall and washed his hands, cleaning off the remnants of his spunk. Aiden looked up into the mirror when he was done, still shocked he’d responded as he had. 

He wasn’t gay. 

He... wasn’t.
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