Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Spotlight: Victoria Vallo and Marked

Welcome Victoria Vallo back to Sunday Spotlight. She's here to share a little about her recent release, MARKED. It's available on Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon.

Connor only wanted a one-night stand but woke up with a mate. He flees, a new life waiting for him at the end of the last leg of his journey.

Rhaegar won’t be satisfied with only one night. His mate chose to run, but Rhaegar intends to catch him. And when he does, he’ll make sure Connor never wants to run away again.


Connor didn’t want to leave the warmth of Rhaegar’s arms, but he knew he needed to get moving before Rhaegar woke up. Much as he’d tried to resist the night before, the sexy alien shifter had been too hard to say no to. Connor hadn’t had sex in almost a year, and Rhaegar had helped him scratch that itch a hundred times better than he’d expected. His body was sore in all the right places and all the right ways.

The big alien still had Connor pressed close and wrapped in his arms, and Connor closed his eyes to enjoy the feel of warm, hard flesh a while longer. Unlike shifters from Earth, Rhaegar had little to no body hair. His skin was smooth and felt so perfect under Connor’s hands and against his own flesh. Connor let his fingers stray to the spot where the man had bitten him the night before. He could feel two small marks where the skin had been punctured, and he shuddered as he remembered Rhaegar biting him there. Nothing had ever sent such an erotic thrill through him before. To his surprise, he hadn’t been scared or even apprehensive when he felt Rhaegar’s teeth there. He knew it was one moment he’d never forget.

Connor felt lips kiss his fingers and then the flesh beneath.

I should’ve gotten up and left before he woke up. He was so possessive last night. He’ll want me to stay for breakfast, or even the rest of the day, and I need to get moving.

Connor rolled over and looked up into Rhaegar’s eyes, the only thing that gave away that Rhaegar wasn’t an ordinary man. At this proximity, Connor could see the diamond shape of his pupils, and when Rhaegar smiled, his green eyes literally glowed. He captured Connor’s mouth, and Connor didn’t have the will to resist. The man kissed him thoroughly and greedily, making Connor wish he could spend another day and night in his bed. But that simply wasn’t possible. He couldn’t risk the chance he had just for a fling that likely wouldn’t last more than a few days.

When Rhaegar broke the kiss, his lips went to the bite mark again. “I knew you were the one. When you asked me to bite you, I nearly came on the spot.”

The one? I better get out of here soon. I can’t have this guy following me around all day.

He remembered the moment more clearly now. Rhaegar had been taking him from behind, his cock lodged deep inside Connor, and he’d leaned over his body and raked his fangs over Connor’s flesh. That little taste of Rhaegar’s inner beast had excited Connor, and he’d asked Rhaegar to bite him. Rhaegar had gone still and asked him if he was sure, and Connor had begged him to do it.

“The feel of your fangs surprised me,” Connor said, smiling. “Do they drop when you’re excited?”

“Yes.” Rhaegar pulled him even closer, his cock rubbing against Connor.

Connor licked his lips, unable to stop himself from asking, “So, you were that turned on?” Rhaegar’s attraction to him proved intoxicating, and he moved just a little bit to really feel that cock pressing against him.

“Oh yes. Very much so. Your scent’s been driving me crazy since the moment we met. My beast was ravenous.” He kissed Connor’s cheek tenderly. “Now that you’re mine, he’s calmed a bit.”

Connor stopped smiling, lowering his eyes as if the statement made him feel shy. No more flirting. Gotta get the fuck out of here. Another round of sex will make it seem like I’m leading him on. Can’t risk dealing with an angry shifter. His mind raced as he tried to figure out how he’d get away. “How about a shower and some breakfast?” He tried to give his best smile as he raised his gaze back to Rhaegar’s.

Rhaegar’s hand moved over Connor’s chest and then back over the curve of his ass. “We probably should rinse off. You’re covered in my seed.” He leaned in and kissed Connor’s neck before licking him there. “Much as I love my scent all over you, I’m sure you’d like to freshen up.”

Connor nodded to the bathroom. “Get the shower going. I’ll order food.” He got out of bed as if it was all settled and went to the comm unit at the desk.

Rhaegar rose and slapped him on the ass. “Don’t take too long, but order lots of food. You’re going to need your strength.”

Connor tilted his head back for a kiss, and he made it count. Clingy as he might be, Rhaegar was the best lay he’d ever had, and Connor wouldn’t soon forget him or find another man to compare with him, not on any planet.

As soon as Rhaegar was in the other room, Connor grabbed his clothes and threw them on. He tiptoed to the door and was out it within thirty seconds. No one was around, so he bolted down the hallway. Luckily, Rhaegar didn’t know where Connor’s room was, so he made his way there to hide out until it was time to meet with the man who’d be taking him to his new life.

Connor stood by the door listening for about ten minutes, and then he double checked the lock and took a shower. He grew hard as he washed Rhaegar’s cum from his body. It was a little different from human cum, much thicker and also much better smelling. It almost had a floral scent to it, a sweetness that made Connor lick his lips at the memory of its taste.

It’s better this way. Possessive men are trouble, especially the alien ones. Humans were no longer rare, but there were still many races that had a fetish for them. Connor kind of wished he could’ve seen what Rhaegar looked like in his shifted form—he didn’t even know what type of shifter he was—but sticking around would’ve made it harder to get away from him.

“Now that you’re mine…”

The words drifted through his mind as he stroked himself. Rhaegar wouldn’t have been happy about Connor telling him that he was on his way to another galaxy and never coming back. An angry shifter was the last thing Connor needed, no matter how sexy and gorgeous he was.

Connor cried out as he came, surprised he had anything left to give after the night he’d had. Rhaegar had taken him three times, and then the shifter had sucked him off when Connor had insisted he was too sore for another round. And yet Rhaegar had still had more to give. A bit intimidated at the prospect of sucking Rhaegar’s huge cock, Connor had stroked Rhaegar as they kissed, and then he’d rubbed the alien’s cum all over himself after Rhaegar had spilled a huge load on his chest and stomach. Rhaegar had smiled down at him as he’d licked his fingers clean. His channel clenched, and he licked his lips again at the memory.

What has gotten into me? He was good, but damn. I have to get my head on straight. He might be keen on me being his for a week or two, but it would never last.

Connor got out of the shower and toweled off, avoiding his cock, which seemed to have superhuman stamina suddenly. The need to touch Rhaegar again persisted, and Connor threw himself down on the bed in hopes of getting some more sleep. He set an alarm in the room and on his mobile comm unit. Dylan had told him that the pilot taking him to Luda Prime was a stickler for punctuality, and since he was already giving Connor a hefty discount, he didn’t want to start out by getting the guy riled up.

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