Saturday, April 21, 2018

Special Saturday Spotlight - Adam Charles and His Chance

Welcome Adam Charles back to Spotlight - he's here to share a peek at his new release, His Chance, the first book in the new series, Taking a Chance.


Alex has loved his best friend Robbie’s brother, Chance, for almost a year. He wants to do something about it, but he always feared saying or doing anything would hurt his relationship with Robbie. So when Robbie says Chance has a crush on him, Alex begins to hope. Will he be able to tell Chance how he really feels, or will he let this opportunity slip through his fingers?

Alex shoved his hands into his pockets as he made his way across the parking lot to his apartment building. He pulled his keys out as he reached the stairs and glanced up at the sound of voices.
And he looked right into the most perfect eyes he’d ever seen.
Chance smiled at him before glancing down shyly. “Hey, Alex,” he said as he moved down the stairs past him.
“Hi, Chance.” He started to step toward Chance but stopped and drew his gaze away. His best friend and roommate Robbie was bouncing down the stairs after his little brother, grinning at Alex. “Hey, man. We’re gonna go grab some pizza? Wanna come?”
I’d love to, but all I’ll be able to do is stare at your baby brother and get tongue tied.“I already grabbed something earlier. You guys go ahead. I’m just gonna turn in early.”
Robbie shrugged. “Okay. See ya later.”
“Yeah, see ya.” They began to walk away, and before he could stop himself, he added, “Bye, Chance.”
“Bye,” he called over his shoulder without really looking back at Alex.
Alex watched a minute longer before rushing upstairs, feeling anxious.
And dirty.
Chance was no kid—he was a junior in college—but Robbie definitely looked out for Chance and sheltered him at times. Alex felt his face grow hot as his mind filled with thoughts of being with Chance, both of them naked and breathless.
His throat tightened as well. It was so much more than wanting to fuck Chance. Alex wanted the younger man there with him every single day. He wanted them to do everything together, to make plans for the future together.
He wanted Chance in his life because he was in love with him.
Alex wasn’t even sure exactly when it had happened. He and Robbie had graduated from college three years ago, just a few months before Chance had started. Once the fall semester came, they’d shown Chance around and hung out with him. Alex had liked him right away and gotten used to having him around, and somehow, it had just happened.
Alex wouldn’t have believed you could fall in love without having ever even touched someone, but he had. And he had fallen hard. Far harder than he’d ever expected to. He closed his eyes as he undressed, and the entire time, he thought of Chance. He thought of his laughter and his smile. He sighed as he thought about the way Chance always played with the seam on his jeans when they watched movies or TV together. Sometimes, Alex longed to reach over and still his hand and then simply hold it. He wanted to know how soft Chance’s skin was, how strong Chance’s grip was.
Alex grasped his throbbing cock and moaned. Thinking of Chance always got him close to the edge. At times, that was a problem, but right now, he could indulge those feelings and find a measure of release.
Alex turned on the shower and got under the spray. He leaned back against the wall as he pictured Chance on his knees under the cascade of water, his mouth open and his tongue coming out to swipe over Alex’s cock.


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