Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Spotlight: Storm Glenn and Mark of an Alpha

Welcome Stormy Glenn back to Sunday Spotlight. She's here to share a bit from her new release, Mark of an Alpha.

All Xias wanted to do was find a safe place for him and his cubs. With his alpha chasing after him, intent on taking one of his cubs and killing the others, racing through a blizzard in the middle of the night seemed like a good idea. He had no idea when he took shelter in a cave during a blizzard that he had found more than a place to rest. He'd found the one man determined to protect him and his cubs. 

Zhuang wasn't on the run exactly, but avoiding his father's demand that he start his own clan sent him into the mountains where he couldn't be reached. When he takes shelter in a cave during a snow storm, he finds his mate and a whole lot more. He also discovers that protecting his mate means changing his entire way of life.

But even going to the shifter council won't keep them safe because the alpha who is after Xias is determined to have him, even if he has to kill everyone standing in his way. Zhuang's only hope in saving his new family is in becoming the alpha his father always wanted him to be.



"Come on, babies, just a little farther."Xias was lying through his teeth, but the cubs didn't need to know that. The longer they could remain blissfully ignorant of the danger they were in, the better. 
He nudged one with his nose when it started to fall behind the other two. He knew there was a cave close by. He'd scouted it out while the cubs were still sleeping, but with the snow coming down so hard he could barely see a step in front of him, he was starting to wonder if he'd ever find it again.
The blizzard had come out of nowhere, hard, cold, and dangerous. Xias knew if he didn't find shelter for him and the cubs soon, they'd be lost in the flurry of bitter cold snow. They'd freeze to death by morning for sure. 
Maybe he should have left the cubs behind where they would have been warm and dry. Xias quickly dismissed that idea. His heart ached just thinking about it. Everything in him balked at the idea of anything happening to his cubs. 
They were his babies. He had carried them for four months, given birth to the three darling little fur balls. Just because clan law stated they belonged to their sire, didn't make it so, especially when the bastard decided to put two of them to death because they hadn't been born male.
Xias grew enraged every time he remembered his alpha's declaration that two of his cubs were defective. His cubs were precious, each and every one of them. He didn't care if they were boys or girls or purple penguins. They were his cubs and he'd fight to the death to defend each and every one of them.
Which was what had led him to where he found himself now. Racing through a blizzard with his cubs as he tried to find a place to wait out the storm and escape from the alpha intent of killing everything he held dear.
Xias jumped forward when Bai, the oldest of his litter of three cubs, tripped and went face first into a snow drift. He gently grabbed the cub by the back of his neck and lifted him out, giving him a little shake to get some of the snow off of him. 
He set Bai on the ground and then nudged him up to his sisters, Liang and Ying. They needed to keep going. If they didn't find that cave, they would perish out here in the snow, which was getting deeper by the second. The snow was coming down in thick plumes.
"Come on, keep moving."
Xias had just about given up hope of ever finding the cave when he spotted a familiar looking rock outcropping. He was almost giddy as he herded the three cubs toward the towering wall of rock.
"Keep going, babies. The cave is just ahead."
By the time they climbed up the rock outcropping and moved toward the cave entrance, the cubs were barely moving, sluggish. Xias knew once they got warmed up and had something to eat, and then got some sleep, they would be fine.
When they reached the mouth of the cave, Xias stepped forward and drew in a lungful of air. He needed to make sure no one had found the cave and taken up residence before he was able to bring the cubs back. He didn't want to escape one dangerous situation only to take his cubs into another one.
When he didn't smell any other scent than his from inside the enclosed space, Xias urged the cubs in through the narrow opening. It was dark inside, but that was no surprise. It was a cave after all. Xias led the cubs over to the far wall, away from the cave opening.
He laid down, smiling when his cubs hurried over to him. In a matter of moments, they were snuggling in, each cub latching on to a teat. Xias began to purr as he fed his babies, leaning down to lick the snow off of each of them in turn.
By the time they were clean and dry, their little tummies were rounded with milk and their eyes were drifting closed. Xias continued to purr until they curled together in a kitten pile and nodded off. 
He laid there for a few minutes, soaking in the peacefulness of the moment. There was just something about providing for his cubs that filled him with a calmness he couldn't find anywhere else. The world around him could go to hell as long as he had his cubs right by his side.
Xias glanced up toward the entrance of the cave when he heard a noise. He couldn't quite place what had made that sound, but it raised his hackles. He extracted himself from his cubs and climbed to his paws. 
When he heard the noise again, Xias took a few steps forward, placing himself between the cubs and whatever was outside the cave entrance. When the strong, unmistakable scent of an alpha male floated into the cave, Xias thought his heart was going to burst with fear.
Alpha males were known to kill cubs not their own, especially those with crystal blue eyes. They saw them as threats. It didn't matter if the cubs were in their territory or not, it was instinctual to try and eliminate all threats to their rule and the succession of their own offspring.
He tried not to whimper when what was quite possibly the largest white Siberian tiger he had ever seen stepped through the opening. There was no way Xias could ever beat this tiger in a fight. The large feline easily had three hundred pounds on him, most of it muscle mass.
Xias shot his cubs a desperate look. They were partially hidden behind a small outcropping of rock. Maybe the tiger wouldn't see them. Xias could only pray they stayed asleep because he could think of only one way to keep the large cat from attacking.

Xias shuddered when fur brushed against his hip. He could do this, no matter how much of his soul it destroyed. He'd been doing it since the moment he shifted for the very first time and his alpha discovered he was an omega snow leopard.   
He squeezed his eyes closed at the heavy sniffing. He knew his body was preparing itself, growing slick for the alpha's possession. It was a natural trait of being an omega, one he hated. His pheromones would go into overdrive, luring the alpha in, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. 
His scent washed over Xias first. The air was already growing thick with the heady smell of an aroused male. Earthy, male. Xias’s mouth watered. Nothing had ever smelled this good. That scent sent shivers up and down his spine
The long swipe of the tiger's tongue across his eager opening drew a long groan from Xias. He hadn't been expecting it. His alpha never touched him except to fuck him. He always said he preferred women, but he fucked Xias easily enough, time and time again.
Xias was just another in a long line of leopards forced to cater to the man's obsessive desire to father as many cubs as he could manage. He doubted he'd be the last to be forced to submit to the self-serving bastard, either.
Xias tensed when the tiger came down over the top of him. He was covered from ear tips to tail, the larger cat's massive body weighing down on him. He thought he would be frightened by it, but instead he found himself reveling in the feeling of being safe for the first time in forever, and he didn't understand why he was feeling that way.
His breath rushed from his lungs when he felt something hard and bulbous nudge against his tight ring of muscles. Xias grunted when the tiger pressed forward, sinking his massive cock in to him until he was fully seated.
When he tried to move, the tiger snarled against the tender skin at the nape of his neck in stark warning before pinning him to the floor with the heavy weight of his body. The tiger began to move, thrusting his thick cock into Xias, and Xias gloried in giving away what his alpha said belonged only to him. No one was allowed to touch him, and they were barely allowed to speak to him. The alpha always wanted to be sure the cubs Xias gave him were his.
Their coupling was quick as was usual for felines, but it was ferocious and heated. Sweat dripped down through Xias's fur. Nips were exchanged by both of them, a give and take. The tiger exerting his dominance, Xias resisting until he was forced to give in to the stronger feline. It was the nature of their beasts.
He dug his claws into the dirt floor, grabbing on for purchase as he was slammed into over and over again. His aching hole spasmed from the thick cock pummeling him. Claws dug into his sides, holding him in place. Sharp teeth sank into Xias's shoulder. The bite was painful, but quickly morphed into a pleasure Xias had never felt before. 
The teeth embedded in his shoulder went in deeper.
And he loved every second of it.
Xias howled when his body exploded with pleasure as he came without a single touch to his dick. It was hot and heavenly and made Xias want to beg for more. 
The tiger slammed into him one last time before stilling, roaring around the flesh in his mouth as he filled Xias with his release. 
The tiger’s cock, already impossibly hard and huge in Xias’s ass, pressed forward until the tight ball of the tiger's knot pushed against Xias’s rim, demanding entrance. The tiger growled, as he swiveled his hips to work it in. 
The tiger shoved his hips forward, forcing the knot in. Xias whimpered when he felt the spines at the end of the tiger's dick thicken and take hold inside of him. He had heard of this phenomenon, but he had never experienced it before, and he didn't know what it meant. Maybe it was something unique to tigers.
When the tiger's full body weight collapsed on top of him, Xias lay there, panting heavily. He felt worn out, used, and it was wonderful. He could only imagine what the tiger must be like in his human form.
Xias's head began to ache, the pressure at the base of his skull growing steadily stronger. He felt the need to cry out, but he was afraid to. The tiger was sated at the moment. If Xias moved, he could incur his wrath, and he wasn't sure he'd survive that. He knew his cubs wouldn't. He just needed to lay still until the tiger fell asleep and then he could get his cubs and escape out into the cold again.
He must have made some sort of sound because the large furry body pressing him to the ground stiffened. Xias hissed at the loss of contact when the tiger withdrew his fangs and then pulled his cock free once the knot went down. It was stupid, but Xias felt bereft all of the way down to his soul.
He jerked when he heard a voice in his head.
"Well, fuck a duck."
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