Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Spotlight - Ezra Dawn and Seeking Rayne

Welcome Ezra Dawn for the first time to #SundaySpotlight. She's here to share a bit about her new release, Seeking Rayne (Risqué Business, Book Two) Seeking Rayne is a short story standalone, but can be read as part of the series.

Three and a half years ago, Rayne Sinclair met the love of his life. His fated mate. His human mate. Deciding that dating and wooing was the best course of action before revealing his furry self, Rayne asked Ian on a date. He never expected Ian to cheat. Never expected the pain of that betrayal to be so excruciating. It’s been three years since that day and Rayne hasn’t seen or spoken to Ian once.

Ian McCormick has been in love with the same man since the day they met three and a half years ago. After a day of celebrating with a very good friend, he wakes up to find that his boyfriend has disappeared. Leaving Ian to wonder exactly what he did to make Rayne go. When his friend explains exactly what happened Ian finally realizes what his lover must’ve thought. It’s been three years since then and Ian has spent each of them searching for Rayne. The police won’t help. His friends think he should move on. After three years of hanging on Ian is starting to think they might be right.

Rayne is a completely different person now than he was three years ago. Ian is taking steps to move on but Fate has other plans. When these two suddenly meet again after three years of misery can they pick up the pieces of their relationship or will it remain lost?

Warning: Contains graphic sexual content, Man on Man action, a misunderstanding involving cheating, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.


Three and a half years ago I met the love of my life in the form of a human man named Ian. When I first caught the man’s scent I knew he was meant to be mine. We were meant for each other. Blessed by fate. The problem? Explaining the paranormal world to a human mate isn’t always easy. It was with that thought in mind I decided to ask Ian on a date. Woo him before revealing I could shift into an Arctic Wolf at will. I never thought he’d betray me. Never thought he’d break my heart.

I remember what happened like it was yesterday. My class ended early because my professor got food poisoning and needed to leave. So, I was all set to go home and pick up Ian for a romantic evening. I’d been putting off telling him about my furry side for months but it was finally time to come clean. I didn’t expect to walk in on him cuddled up in bed with his best friend and from what I could see both were at least half naked. The position was so intimate but so wrong at the same time and it ripped my heart out.

Without questioning anything, I raced around the room as quietly as possible, packed what I could and ran. Looking back on it now, I probably should’ve stayed and at least gotten an explanation but the pain was too much to bear and I couldn’t face it.

The wolf in me wanted to rage, and fight for what’s ours but with Ian clueless as to what I am and the gravity of what he’d done there was no point in exposing myself. My human half saw it for what it was, a mating doomed to fail. In time, I suppose I’ll get over it, and maybe fate will see fit to grant me another mate. One that isn’t human this time. I’d rather not fall in love only to find out they never felt the pull at all. I suppose that’s just wishful thinking on my part. It’s been three years since I left Ian and I still feel the pain as if it were yesterday. Still miss him. Still love him. Gods, living without a fated mate sucks.

Chapter One

“Hiya, hot stuff!”

With a smile, I turn from my locker to find my best friend standing behind me. His stage name is Smalls because he’s so short but his real name is Grayson. We met when I started working two years ago and hit it off. After leaving Ian, I wanted to make sure he couldn’t find me if he ever decided to look. So, over the past three years, my appearance has changed, I’m no longer pursuing a degree to teach art, and I work two jobs. Tattoo artist by day, stripper by night. At first tattooing was just a hobby to help put myself through college but after everything that’s happened, I’ve switched to doing it full time. Stripping came into play after the first year when I realized I was spending too many nights alone, wallowing. I couldn’t continue living like that so I went out and found myself another job to fill my time. It’s fun, I make good money, and I’ve gained a few friends. It makes coping a bit easier.

Grinning, I engulf Grayson in a hug and say, “What are you doing here? I thought it was your night off.”

“I got called to fill in for Phoenix. Poor thing accidently set his kitchen on fire and has to talk to a bunch of people. Fire investigators, police, etcetera.”

“That’s awful. I hope he’s okay.”

“Oh yeah, he’s fine. Just pissed he has to miss work because a ton of people want to talk to him about how or why he set his kitchen on fire. As if he did it on purpose. The nerve of some people I swear.”

I shrug and say, “Well, that’s how it is sometimes I guess. They take one look at you and automatically assume the worst. Granted not all of them are like that but some are just assholes and don’t care either way.”

He nods. “I totally get what you mean. So, what routine are you doing tonight?”

“They put me last on the set list so I’m going with Raining.”

He laughs. “Oh, the audience is going to love that.”

I laugh with him. PJ our announcer sticks his head through the curtain leading to the stage and shouts, “Smalls! You’re on in five!”

Grayson gives me a hug and says, “Well that’s my cue. See you later hot stuff!”

He saunters off and I try not to laugh because of the outfit he’s got on. Grayson is short so he likes to dance in heels that other people would break their necks in if they even attempted half the shit he does. The ones he’s wearing now are at least nine inches high, hot pink, and match his outfit that can only be described as a glitter bomb. Pretty sure he’s the only one here who can pull off that look.

After making sure my personal items are secured in my locker, I take my costume bag and head for the dressing rooms.

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