Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bear Mountain Around the World!

Translations are a wondrous thing. It's been a little over a year since my first book was translated and it's started me down a very interesting path. 

Bound to Two Bears has now been translated into three languages - Spanish, German, and French - and I have been talking with another foreign publisher about rights elsewhere. 

The series has been a best seller in Germany, where the 17th book just released (and the German publisher has also contracted the rights to Project Zed and Midnight, Mississippi). Spain has been a little harder nut to crack. Their MM genre is thin, at best, and the sales have been mellow -- but there have been a handful of excited readers that have been reading along.

French was the newest one and Lié à deux Ours just released a little over a week ago. It hit #1 in France, Canada, and even the US! (There's a category for French Romance in the US, go figure.) A second one will be following in a couple of months, and hopefully the third a couple of months after that... (we shall see... the translator is awesome, and very busy because of that. Getting translations is slow work.)

There's something really cool about finding new fans on the other side of the world and getting messages and emails telling me they've enjoyed my stories. I never expected this series to grow into what it has and it boggles the mind to know how far it has come.

My readers are amazing... I'm still in awe of you all.


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