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Sunday Spotlight - Bronwyn Heeley and Taking Control of My Werewolf

Welcome Bronwyn Heeley to Sunday Spotlight for the very first time! Bronwyn is here to share a bit from her new release Taking Control Of My Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves: Moon Struck #2)

Can a man create a new life in a town filled with werewolves?

Eamon is lost. After the loss of his husband, his life became a shell of itself. His only hope was fixing up his husband—uh, late husband’s—family home. What he didn’t expect was what he was about to find, and how it would change his life forever, if Eamon is willing to let go of the past and embrace the new life he was being given.

All Chris wanted was someone to see him, love him, but will any of that be achievable when Eamon’s destiny is more than either of them could possibly compete with?

Previously published, freshly re-written, reordered and lengthened

Series trigger warning: contains graphic violence/death, graphic sex and may have scenes depicting violence of children

OTHER BOOKS IN SERIES: Forever With My Werewolf


Eamon Collins, Dr. Collins to those under his care, was in free-fall. His life was over in all the ways that mattered. His lover had died and he had no one to look after. It might have seemed an odd thing, but Eamon needed the stability of looking after someone to tie him to the earth. He’d been walking around like a zombie in their house, not being able to move past his own grief. The months of isolation and solitude had proven that.

His handpicked family had allowed him to see how bad it’d gotten, descending on him in a rush of mouths and limbs, packing up his bag and sitting him in his car. It wouldn’t be too bad, a few weeks out west. Fresh air, blue skies, dry heat—would be good to clear his head, and wake him up. He hadn’t been hard to persuade, he’d understood on a professional level, but understanding and getting yourself back into the land of the living weren’t easy, he knew; he’d helped a lot of people over the span of his career come to terms with their own loss.

The adventure was taking him to a property owned by Patrick, his husband—late husband—who had left him everything he owned, which had been a lot more than Patrick had ever divulged. It had been another step into oblivion to realise things had been kept from him. Eamon had struggled with the fact that Patrick’s family hadn’t all turned their backs, like Eamon had thought. He’d always trod lightly over past events as he’d picked up Patrick who was crying on his parents’ front lawn, watching the first eighteen years of his life go up in flames. It had been the true beginning of them, and the ten years they’d shared together had flown from there.

With a sigh that seemed to help settle him back down, Eamon turned off the static-rambled radio and hit play on a CD. He had to concentrate on making his way down Victoria Pass, memories of times before when he and Patrick had hit the open road creeping in. Patrick had been a weekend driver, he loved settling into the car seat, passenger’s or driver’s, it didn’t matter, and heading off on an adventure. Nothing but the blacktop roads, higher speeds, with hours at their disposal. Eamon couldn’t help smiling at the memories. They’d had so many good years together, so many good memories they ate at Eamon’s heart. He didn’t know if they made him happy or sad. Didn’t know if the pain would ever go away. Wasn’t sure he ever wanted them to.

“Turn left in one hundred meters.”

AUTHOR BIO: I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours... da da da da dum, author of LGBT+ genre romance

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